Zombie Presentation Downloads

T-SQL Techniques to Survive Zombie Databases

Do you have a Zombie Database? Does your database suffer from roaming hordes of problems like the lack of primary and foreign keys, poor normalization, in place updates and deletes, and an insatiable drive to eat your braaaaaaaaaaaaaains (CPU cycles).

Fear not fellow survivor for in this session, I’ll show you how to fortify your code against zombie infestation. How to deal with the unknown (nulls), how to Restore Order by Joining together in Groups. Flak Jackets are Optional, but encouraged.


John Sterrett’s article I mentioned about Using SQL Server Profiler to trace database calls from third-party applications is found at that link.

The following article which describes low cost database documentation products.

List of Free SQL Server Tools which may help as well.

An article about how to use extended properties to document your database.

If you missed the session, I will be presenting an extended version of it at the NTSSUG Meeting next Thursday 10/21. I’ll attempt to record and post that as well.