Interesting FastForms Trick. Enable the Double-Click

In an earlier article, I discussed the problems associated with FastForms date fields. I suggested using regular text boxes at that time, but what if you want to make them act like M2M date fields with the double click feature? In case you don’t know, when you double click a date field in […]

The Fast and the Furious – FastForms Issues

This article will deal with usability issues with FastForms. I know I’ve highlighted a couple of critical bugs in recent articles, but this is my list of annoyances I have compiled while working with the tool.

In all fairness, I have expressed all of these to M2M Support and many, if not most, […]

FastForms is Out of Options.

In a recent post, I mentioned that FastForms date fields should be avoided due to a critical bug.

Well, later in the project I discovered a few bugs with FastForms option boxes (also called radio buttons.) The first bug is relatively minor in that they always have to be oriented vertically, rather than […]

Friends Don’t Let Friends Use FastForms Date Fields

Over the past year I have become quite proficient using FastForms to customize Made2Manage screens and adding functionality to the core product.

However, FastForms has significant problems and drawbacks including:

The FastForms editor has a clunky, unintuitive interface.
Stability problems abound in both the FastForms screen and with it’s functionality in M2M.
Tab Indexes, the order […]

Changing the Ship To Address and Ship Dates via VBA.

Over the years, one of the issues I’ve repeatedly encountered is the wasted time in changing Ship To Addresses and Ship Dates for multiple line item orders. My last employer made a product commonly sold with new building construction projects. Therefore, they often did not have a Ship To Address because the building […]

Accessing the M2M Database Using VBA.

A couple of weeks ago, someone sent me some VBA code which was giving them fits. I often receive requests like this and am glad to help when I can. I came across this bit of code:

Private Function fConn() As ADODB.Connection
Dim oCn As New ADODB.Connection
Dim sCnStr As String
sCnStr =”uid=sa;pwd=HisPassword;” […]

Choosing a Made2Manage Consultant

The Bobs – Office Space

As I mentioned in my first post I’ve been working as a Made2Manage Administrator for more than 10 years. However, even if you’ve been one of my regular readers, you may not be aware that I’ve also been an independent consultant for the last several years as […]

Answers are Easy, the Questions are Hard.

In the past year I’ve been doing a lot of T-SQL (Transact-SQL) programming. My current employer has required a great deal of it, and I have searched out several people and places on the internet to gain this knowledge.

However, as I’ve progressed on this journey I’ve noticed a curious thing. The […]

Dark Helmet’s Approach to Project Management.

Spaceballs, the classic film co-written, directed by, and starring Mel Brooks, is one of my favorite of all time. It has a star-studded cast, makes fun of a film genre that is near and dear to my heart, and has so many memorable moments and soundbites. Anyway, I watched it again the […]

Resorting M2M List Boxes

Recently I came across the following problem: A company I assist had over 100 different shipping options in Made2Manage. You might question why a company would have that many shipping options, but when you consider there are many different options for a single carrier, they add up. For example here are a […]