Opening SSRS Reports Automatically From Other Systems

Users typically love SQL Server Reporting Services Reports (SSRS), especially if they’re accustomed to more primitive tools such as Visual FoxPro. However, One of the biggest complaints I hear about SSRS is that users want to be able to launch it directly from their ERP, accounting, and other systems. A conventional way to do this […]

Honey, I Shrunk my Project File

I’ve mentioned in the past how difficult M2M’s flavor of VBA is to use. One problem that I haven’t touched on is the problem of VBA file corruption.

M2M VBA File Corruption? What exactly are you talking about?

When I talk about the VBA file, I am referring to the M2VEvents.prj file. This is the […]

Another Visual Basic (VBA) Rant

Recently I got a call from another M2M Consultant who was attempting to install M2M on Windows 7. He simply could not get VBA to work. I asked him to run through the steps and I found his problem right away. He had made a mistake early in the process; I have made similar mistakes […]

VBA Rants

Can someone please tell me why, after all these years, VBA is still a manually installed application?

To the best of my knowledge, they’ve offered VBA for nearly 10 years. Yet I still have to manually install VBA on every single computer which runs M2M. To make things worse, the instructions for installing it […]

SO Screen Challenge Results

In an earlier article, I challenged my readers to come up with the widest variety of solutions to a problem I posed, and discuss what I thought was the best solution. I apologize that it took me so long to get back to this, but I have been ridiculously busy lately. Anyway, on […]

Sales Order (SO) Screen Challenge

Your accounting manager comes to you with a problem. Being the stellar M2M Professional that you are, you immediately don your cape and tights. What? You don’t wear tights? Umm.. me neither… really…

Anyway, she explains to you that the terms, which are dictated by accounting, are being changed by […]

Comments – Another Pet Peeve of Mine

While I fully understand why different programming languages use different syntax, wouldn’t it be nice if they could at least agree on a comment structure?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve typed something like this into the VBA studio:

— Make sure to declare the recordset

Code Here


Comments here


And of course it fails because […]

Cycle Counting Revisted

In a previous article, I mentioned the inadequacy of Made2Manage cycle counting in that you cannot track your cycle counts over time and make that data available to your users. Well, true to my word, I have created the following customization so that you can do just that. Now would be a good […]

Use the VALID Event for Error Checking

Anybody who has developed with VBA and FastForms long enough has most likely run into the following error message.

I cannot tell you exactly why this error occurs, because I’ve never received an answer from support. I know the surest way to trigger it is to attempt to error check fields […]

We Have No Comment at This Time

I love ThinkGeek.

A Made2Manage friend called me recently to ask for help decoding the Visual FoxPro from a M2M report. While talking to him over the phone, I remarked that it would be a lot easier if all of the old code revisions weren’t included with the finished reports. […]