Why do I go to the Consona Connects?

Justice League – Looking for More Members

I received an e-mail from a reader recently regarding Consona Connect. She and I have met at a few of these events and she asked me the following question.

Every time I attend a Consona Connect I see you there. You always seem to know what is being […]

Using T-SQL to Automatically Update M2M Tables

One of the primary values a good DBA brings a company is in automating tedious, time-consuming tasks. In my last article, I discussed the problems when adding a sales person to M2M. M2M’s standard procedure is to create a new sales person and manually re-assign every customer (over 700 of them) to the new sales […]

Permissions Report Pecipitates Predicaments

In a previous post a user made the following comment:

talking on the topic of permission how I can generate a report per screen that will show only the user that have at least one permission and not showing all users wit no permission at all!!

I’ve always been annoyed by the report aspect of M2M […]

Web Support Spotlight Days

What are Web Support Spotlight Days?

Anyone who administers Made2Manage is aware of Web Support Spotlight Days. These days always occur on Fridays and Made2Manage Support stops accepting incoming support calls, only accepting requests through its website. This idea is sold to customers as a means of showcasing M2M’s excellent web support options, and that support […]

M2M Tech Support Gaffes

As a follow up to my last post in which I said that you need to be careful following the free advice given by another customer; you should also be wary of what M2M Tech Support tells you. They can and do make mistakes. I can’t tell you how many times they’ve given […]

Want to Drop Support?

Since I began this blog a little over a year ago, I’ve had many people contact me for help and advice. I do my best to help them if I can, but one type of message never ceases to amaze me. It goes something like this:


“Can you please help me? […]

“Reviewed” is not a Status.

I was in the process of waiting for M2M Tech Support to link my employer to yet another Change Request for me. When I received it, I noticed that the status said, Reviewed. What exactly does that mean? I know it means that they reviewed it, but does anyone care?

I […]

Vendor Support Suggestions

iSquint help menu. I love this stuff.

I came across this picture a few days ago on Brent Ozar’s excellent blog and the original picture is found on flickr. I placed it here, rather than link it, because some of you have complained that flickr is blocked by your firewalls. […]

Just Shut Up and Reboot Already

Resist the temptation.

I’ve always enjoyed Think Geek and all the nerdy goodness for sale on their site. They have all sorts of t-shirts with Geeky messages.

Over the years, I have been directed several times by Made2Manage Support to do just that, to re-boot my SQL Server for various reasons. […]

Made2Manage Comes Through in a Storm.

I know I’ve been hard on Made2Manage at times. However, when the situation warrants it, I will be the first one to praise as well.

Today I called M2M support to discuss a Shop Floor Data Collection issue and the connection sounded different than normal. I asked the tech why and she […]