Reporting Guidelines: Standardize Your Layouts

This article is day two in a week of reporting articles.

Create standard layouts for both landscape and portrait reports and have them approved by management. Many larger companies have Corporate Identity Guidelines created by marketing experts with standards already defined for marketing and sales documents. Adhere to the standards religiously. If creating your […]

Never Underestimate Your User. Expect the Unexpected.

Never underestimate your opponent. Expect the unexpected.

Earlier this week, I was reminded of this post from some time ago. Yes I know I’ve already used that picture, but you can ever have enough Swayze. The company in question uses a 4-4-5 Calendar for accounting and this makes reporting more difficult. For […]

Why Doesn’t T-SQL Have a Date Conversion or a AllTrim() Function?

In all versions before 2008, SQL Server only supported a DateTime data type, not separate Date or Time types. Therefore, every date field in M2M is actually DateTime, and this can be inconvenient for reporting. Your CEO typically doesn’t care what time an invoice was processed, only which day. Therefore, one typically uses one of […]

Solution to Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Data Corruption

This is a continuation from this previous post.

“It’s simple,” Encyclopedia said. “First I ran the following query against our database.”

SELECT SOM.fshipvia
FROM somast SOM
WHERE SOM.fsono = ‘123456’

“The value returned was UGB, which is the actual value for UPS Ground Bill in our database. So, I knew that the Ship Via […]

Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Data Corruption

Encyclopedia Brown is a character in a series of mini-mystery books written by Donald J. Sobol. I read most of these books in my formative years. The main character, Encyclopedia, is a young wiz kid who solves mysteries in his home town of Idaville. The stories typically have a factual […]

I Wish my SQL Server was Slower

I know that the title of this article may sound ridiculous, but hear me out. My current employer purchases higher-end servers than most companies of the same size. Our IT Lead believes in overbuilding servers so that there is room for future expansion. “So where is the problem?” is probably the question […]

Work in Process (RPWIP) and Inventory Evaluation (RPIVAL) Reports

As I have time I will share the SQL queries derived from the more popular Made2Manage reports. After you have the SQL query, you can display it with any program you want such as Crystal Reports, ODBC Spreadsheets, or SQL Server Reporting Services.

Use the queries with caution and make sure that you always test […]

Exporting Memo Fields to Excel. Received Goods (RPREGO)

One of my users came to me with a problem last week, and it’s fairly common. They run a M2M Report that has the data they want, but when they export it, some of the data is missing.

This can happen for a couple of reasons. Tables can be added to a report layout […]

Anybody using Version 5.6 with SQL 2008?

Yes, I know I eluded to this in an article several months ago, but I’m hoping one of my readers is already using this in production. I’m going to be testing this extensively for the next week to determine whether we can migrate to it.

So, are any of you using Version 5.6 […]

SO Screen Challenge Results

In an earlier article, I challenged my readers to come up with the widest variety of solutions to a problem I posed, and discuss what I thought was the best solution. I apologize that it took me so long to get back to this, but I have been ridiculously busy lately. Anyway, on […]