Upcoming Presentations This Week

I’m in for a busy week as I have back to back presentations this Wednesday and Thursday nights.

On Wednesday the 20th, the Forth Worth SQL Server User Group has asked me to present one of my favorites. I’m constantly revising this presentation as I encounter as I come across new mistakes to share. So, […]

My Father's Footsteps

Everyone has heard the quote, “The apple never falls far from the tree.” As we get older, we tend to rebel against the notion that we will eventually become our parents. As we age, it seems less a notion and more a certainty. Well, in many ways I have fought against this my entire life […]

Branding Leaves a Mark

It’s All About the Brand

I apologize for being late to the Un-SQL party, but work related problems have kept me busy since the PASS Summit. The Summit had a profound effect on me and I’m still trying to process it all.

Never mistake motion for action. – Ernest Hemingway

Like my new friend […]

Who Ya Gonna Call???


I get at least one e-mail or call a month from someone, who is unhappy with Made2Manage in some way. Either they’re unhappy with the product, or with support, or both.

Obviously, if the problem is technical the first step is to contact support. However, support may not be able or willing to […]

No SQL For You! One Year!

The Need for Structure

In my years of working with M2M, one of my biggest frustrations is that it allows you to do almost whatever you want with it. There is a lack of structure, required workflows, etc. This makes data analysis difficult to impossible at times.

I’ll just name a few examples from the sales […]

He Chose Poorly

You must choose… but choose wisely.

I received an e-mail from a M2M customer last week regarding problems he had using the system. He complained that the system was too rigid, required too much work to maintain the data, and kept his company from being more productive. I’ve had experience with many different kinds of […]

Brent Ozar Steals My Ideas.

Stop Stealing

Alright Brent, that’s it. I’m calling you out. Your recent post on Getting Things Done was the final straw.

I’m not just talking about Brent, I’m also pointing an accusing finger at Steve Jones, Buck Woody, Tim Mitchell, and Brian Knight.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read […]

My SQL Saturday Experience

Devin Knight, Wes Brown, and yours truly.

It’s 8:30am on SQL Saturday, and I feel like I’ve taken a two by four to the head. I’m standing outside the front of the building leading the registration team at the front tables, squinting in the sun, sweating profusely, and wondering why I feel so good […]

Permissions Report Pecipitates Predicaments

In a previous post a user made the following comment:

talking on the topic of permission how I can generate a report per screen that will show only the user that have at least one permission and not showing all users wit no permission at all!!

I’ve always been annoyed by the report aspect of M2M […]

Web Support Spotlight Days

What are Web Support Spotlight Days?

Anyone who administers Made2Manage is aware of Web Support Spotlight Days. These days always occur on Fridays and Made2Manage Support stops accepting incoming support calls, only accepting requests through its website. This idea is sold to customers as a means of showcasing M2M’s excellent web support options, and that support […]