We are Men of Action, Meetings do not Become Us.

The Princess Bride

The other day I found myself in a meeting regarding a CRM package we are implementing. The implementation company had brought two project managers, a sales lady, and a geek who will actually assist in the implementation. I sat in on this meeting with some of our executives and sales people.

I […]

Orphaned Records and Technical Hypochondria

I found more orphaned records recently when querying a M2M table with an order by clause. Once again, this occurs because in my opinion the M2M database is not properly designed. Here’s a quick walk-through on how I found it. Incidentally, the screen shots are from TOAD using M2M’s practice database.

A manager tasked me with […]

Out of Box Experience - Lenovo ThinkPad T400

I have been promising to create a series of instructional videos regarding SQL, Crystal Reports, and Made2Manage for some time. I asked the SQL Community for suggestions for an excellent Laptop Configuration to record these videos.

I went with the IBM Lenovo Thinkpad T400 with several upgrades including more RAM, faster processor, and a SSD […]

Using User Defined Functions to Suppress "Blank" Dates

As long as I have been working with the M2M Database I had always wondered one thing. Why on earth does M2M use 1/1/1900 dates? It’s fairly obvious that it was an artificial date when one wasn’t applicable, but why? Why not just allow your date fields to be null and be done with it?

For […]

Using Insert, Update, “Upsert”, and Merge to Manipulate FastForms Fields.

Yesterday I explained the basics of how FastForms deals with SQL Server. Today I’ll discuss the skills they don’t teach you in M2M classes; how to manipulate SQL directly and save your company thousands in manual data entry.

How do I automatically populate my extension table?

Continuing our hypothetical situation from yesterday, our employees at Acme Inc. […]

The T-SQL Implications with FastForms Customizations

In this article I’ll focus on the T-SQL component of a successful FastForms customization involving extension tables. I tend to demonstrate things in very small steps, and often work that way as well. This would be a good time to repeat my standard disclaimer:

Important: All information on this site is provided “as is” for […]

Steal This Blog

I originally wrote this article some time ago, and then shelved it because I found that Jason Massie had already used the title, though his message was entirely different from mine. Since this is an article about plagiarism, I thought it ironic to plagiarize his title. However, with the recent uproar about plagiarism on SQL […]

Careers and Cheap Furniture - Some Assembly Required

I read a lot of great material from numerous technical blogs every single week. Sometimes I am stirred enough to comment on them, but only rarely am I inspired to blog about something I read on another blog. Steve Jones’ recent editorial is one of those. To summarize:

I think it’s important for management to provide […]

How to Wreck Your M2M Database in Three Easy Steps

My company shuts down over the holidays, but I received a frantic email from one of the companies we support. The user told me that M2M had deleted fiscal year 2009 and he was unable to fix it. To be honest, I thought the user was mistaken because I knew that you could not delete […]

Did You Know That M2M Logs Deletions?

In troubleshooting the problem in the above post, I came across an undocumented (as far as I know) procedure to log details about deleted records. I’m not referring to the ECM auditing available from the CSPROD Screen.

What is the M2M Delete Log and how does it work?

The M2M Tech showed me a table […]