The Made2Manage Favorites Bar Must Die

As I’ve mentioned before, the Made2Manage Favorites Bar is a buggy mess. I regularly get questions from my clients and readers of this blog asking why M2M screens return incorrect data or otherwise misbehave. One of my first suggestions to them is to disable the favorites bar. However, disabling the bar isn’t intuitive so I […]

Stop Writing Visual FoxPro Reports... Today

Last week I saw a discussion on the LinkedIn Made2Manage Group about the Pros and Cons of using SSRS vs. VFP Reporting, and it amazes me that people are still arguing about it. So, I thought I’d reaffirm a stance that I’ve had for many years, which is VFP Reporting Must Die.

I’ve […]

Creating a Date Table/Dimension on SQL 2008.

In a previous article, I listed the benefits of using a dedicated date table and included a customizable script which enables you to quickly create your own version. One of my readers pointed out that he uses the date datatype, rather than using the smart integer key method, when working with SQL 2008+ databases. The […]

Using a Date Table to Track Custom Fiscal Years/Periods

Calendar Tables are only useful if they reflect how your company evaluates its data. Therefore, any company using non-standard financial fiscal years and periods will require customization with their Calendar or Date Table. In this post, I’ll provide an example of how to do so using the M2M ERP System Database. For those who don’t […]

Calendar Tables - Why You Need One.

*** Note: The code below is for use with SQL 2005 and previous versions. I have written new code to take advantage of the Date Datatype in SQL 2008 and above which can be found here.

What is a Date (Calendar) Table?

For the purposes of this article a Date Table is a dedicated table containing a […]

M-Data Analytics Questions

I’m sorry that my posts haven’t been as regular as I’d like, but the good news is that we’re making great progress with the M-Data Analytics open source project. In order to provide the best benefit to my fellow Made2Manage users, please answer the following questions.

What […]

T-SQL Basics - Filtering Records with the Where Clause

All of the queries we’ve looked at so far will return all of the records in a table. This isn’t very efficient. The Where clause filters records out of your result set that you do not want.

For example, suppose we’re only interested in Sales Order Master records for “Acme Rockets Inc.” The following select […]

Toad for SQL Server

I wish I knew how to quit you… Well, not really.

In previous articles, I’ve mentioned that I use Toad for SQL Server, but until now I have not really advocated that my readers use it. While I’ve been using Toad for several years, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with it. When I first started […]

Who Ya Gonna Call???


I get at least one e-mail or call a month from someone, who is unhappy with Made2Manage in some way. Either they’re unhappy with the product, or with support, or both.

Obviously, if the problem is technical the first step is to contact support. However, support may not be able or willing to […]

He Chose Poorly

You must choose… but choose wisely.

I received an e-mail from a M2M customer last week regarding problems he had using the system. He complained that the system was too rigid, required too much work to maintain the data, and kept his company from being more productive. I’ve had experience with many different kinds of […]