My SQL Saturday Experience

Devin Knight, Wes Brown, and yours truly.

It’s 8:30am on SQL Saturday, and I feel like I’ve taken a two by four to the head. I’m standing outside the front of the building leading the registration team at the front tables, squinting in the sun, sweating profusely, and wondering why I feel so good […]

The Terrorists Win

Professor Chaos – The Ultimate Terrorist

Recently the call went out for SQL Bloggers to submit their best work for the PASS Log Reader Awards. A few of the best SQL Bloggers got together and created this contest to inspire and encourage others to create top quality content.

I was encouraged to enter my […]

PASS. Somewhere Out There..

Fievel – An American Tail

All of the Tweeting about PASS prompted me to write this. Sung to the tune of “Somewhere Out There.”

Somewhere out there…
At the PASS Summit…
People are learning SQL and Tweeting about it.

Somewhere out there…
Ozar, Fritchey, and Delaney…
are teaching Clouds, Wait Stats, and High Availability.

And even though I know it’s […]

Search Meter Surprises

I’ve been making changes to this blog lately including a new theme, plug-ins, and tons of new content. One of my unofficial mentors, Brent Ozar, who was recently made a Microsoft MVP, has been on a tear as of late. This has inspired me to take my blog to the next level as well. […]

Lamest Computer Related Scenes Ever Filmed

The other night I was working on the blog and my girlfriend was watching TV, specifically NCIS. One of the characters, who happens to be a ridiculously attractive medical examiner assistant, is looking up data on her computer. Anyway, her computer “gets hacked” by a super hacker and the screen goes nuts. […]

Friday Poll, Just For Fun

On the last “Web Support Spotlight Day”, I tried to submit a case to ask a question regarding the Customer Screen (CUST).

As many of us know the functionality of M2M Expert has not been updated in a very long time. As I entered the version of M2M and tried to select a […]

Solution to Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Data Corruption

This is a continuation from this previous post.

“It’s simple,” Encyclopedia said. “First I ran the following query against our database.”

SELECT SOM.fshipvia
FROM somast SOM
WHERE SOM.fsono = ‘123456’

“The value returned was UGB, which is the actual value for UPS Ground Bill in our database. So, I knew that the Ship Via […]

Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Data Corruption

Encyclopedia Brown is a character in a series of mini-mystery books written by Donald J. Sobol. I read most of these books in my formative years. The main character, Encyclopedia, is a young wiz kid who solves mysteries in his home town of Idaville. The stories typically have a factual […]