Always Make a Backup When Performing FastForms Customizations

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve been using FastForms for years and I have one basic rule that I never, ever break. I never make changes in FastForms with users in the system. M2M says you are safe to do so, but painful experience has shown me that this is unwise.

The problem is that the […]

Using Insert, Update, “Upsert”, and Merge to Manipulate FastForms Fields.

Yesterday I explained the basics of how FastForms deals with SQL Server. Today I’ll discuss the skills they don’t teach you in M2M classes; how to manipulate SQL directly and save your company thousands in manual data entry.

How do I automatically populate my extension table?

Continuing our hypothetical situation from yesterday, our employees at Acme Inc. […]

The T-SQL Implications with FastForms Customizations

In this article I’ll focus on the T-SQL component of a successful FastForms customization involving extension tables. I tend to demonstrate things in very small steps, and often work that way as well. This would be a good time to repeat my standard disclaimer:

Important: All information on this site is provided “as is” for […]

That FastForms Bug? Yeah, It’s a Feature!

In a previous article, I mentioned that FastForms has a bug wherein it modifies all of the Made2Manage SQL databases- not just the one you intended to customize. It does so even if you indicate that you only want to modify a single database. However, while editing a M2M report to pull in […]

Sales Order (SO) Screen Challenge

Your accounting manager comes to you with a problem. Being the stellar M2M Professional that you are, you immediately don your cape and tights. What? You don’t wear tights? Umm.. me neither… really…

Anyway, she explains to you that the terms, which are dictated by accounting, are being changed by […]

FastForm Screen Exemptions

Yesterday I tried to customize the Sales Order Status/Cost (SOSTAT) Screen. I quickly realized that this screen is not available for FastForms customization. I called M2M for a list of screens incompatible with FastForms and was provided with the following change request. I figured my readers would benefit from this list as […]

No FastForms for you! One Year!

As a follow up to a previous post regarding FastForms issues, I decided to test “layering” of FastForms customizations. What I mean by this is to add additional database fields and controls to a screen which I had previously customized.

In the past, I didn’t trust FastForms enough to risk corrupting the customizations […]

Use the VALID Event for Error Checking

Anybody who has developed with VBA and FastForms long enough has most likely run into the following error message.

I cannot tell you exactly why this error occurs, because I’ve never received an answer from support. I know the surest way to trigger it is to attempt to error check fields […]

Interesting FastForms Trick. Enable the Double-Click

In an earlier article, I discussed the problems associated with FastForms date fields. I suggested using regular text boxes at that time, but what if you want to make them act like M2M date fields with the double click feature? In case you don’t know, when you double click a date field in […]

The Fast and the Furious – FastForms Issues

This article will deal with usability issues with FastForms. I know I’ve highlighted a couple of critical bugs in recent articles, but this is my list of annoyances I have compiled while working with the tool.

In all fairness, I have expressed all of these to M2M Support and many, if not most, […]