Top Ten Sessions for M2M Administrators at the 24 Hours of Pass

If you are a M2M Administrator, you should be studying SQL Server. I encourage anyone who works with M2M to study the SQL programming language, how SQL Server works, advanced reporting techniques, etc. In my opinion, if you don’t have at least a basic understanding of all things SQL, you cannot effectively administer M2M. […]

Would You Use a New Made2Manage Forum?

I started this blog to help people learn more about M2M, SQL, and Crystal Reports. The reason was simple; I had to learn this stuff the hard way, by myself and essentially in a vacuum. I wanted to help anyone who found themselves in the same situation.

Since then, I’ve had a couple of people […]

PASS. Somewhere Out There..

Fievel – An American Tail

All of the Tweeting about PASS prompted me to write this. Sung to the tune of “Somewhere Out There.”

Somewhere out there…
At the PASS Summit…
People are learning SQL and Tweeting about it.

Somewhere out there…
Ozar, Fritchey, and Delaney…
are teaching Clouds, Wait Stats, and High Availability.

And even though I know it’s […]

Running Twice as Fast

This past Saturday I attended the first of four days of SQL Server Development Training. The instructor, Mike Hotek literally wrote the book on SQL 2008 Database Development. A fellow M2M Administrator asked me why I bothered because we are not yet on SQL 2008 and I thought it would make a good blog post. […]

Psst. Buy SQL Server MVP Deep Dives

I haven’t really ever asked my readership (all 3 of you) to do anything, but I’d like to do so now. Buy SQL Server MVP Deep Dives, a book about most aspects of SQL Server written entirely by Microsoft MVPs. From their site:

QL Server MVP Deep Dives brings together the world’s most […]

Twitter : Cuz All the Cool Kids are Doing It.

Just a quick post to let anyone know who might care that I’ve been dragged kicking and screaming into the world of Twitter. Well, not kicking actually just kind of shuffling… and not screaming exactly… just kind of whining.. but I digress.

I am of course Made2Mentor on Twitter and if […]

Who Wrote This Crap?

“Did you ever notice that other peoples stuff is crap, but your crap is Stuff?” George Carlin

Last year I came across an article with the same title on Jeff Atwood’s “The Coding Horror.”

Whether I am looking at Made2Manage or another vendor’s code or code created by a […]

Great SQL Server User Group Presentation Last Night

I’ve been attending the North Texas SQL Server User Group meetings for some time and have met a lot of great SQL people in my area. Last night was especially good however, as Brian Knight of Pragmatic Works gave the presentation “Introduction to SQL Server Analysis Services.”

I’ve been studying SSAS, as well […]

Free Visual FoxPro Videos

I appreciate free learning opportunities and will periodically share them with readers of this blog, both of you *grin*.

Some time ago I came across the site of Garfield Hudson. Of particular interest to me were his free VFP videos.

The videos are well done, and are worth viewing even for those who work with […]