Announcing Project M-Data Analytics

Presenting M-Data Analytics at Consona Connect 2010

What is M-Data Analytics and how is it going to change the way you use data?

M-Data Analytics is a Data Warehouse. A Data Warehouse is a database that is specially designed for reporting and data analysis. M2M Data is extracted, checked, cleaned, and transformed to a format […]

No SQL For You! One Year!

The Need for Structure

In my years of working with M2M, one of my biggest frustrations is that it allows you to do almost whatever you want with it. There is a lack of structure, required workflows, etc. This makes data analysis difficult to impossible at times.

I’ll just name a few examples from the sales […]

He Chose Poorly

You must choose… but choose wisely.

I received an e-mail from a M2M customer last week regarding problems he had using the system. He complained that the system was too rigid, required too much work to maintain the data, and kept his company from being more productive. I’ve had experience with many different kinds of […]