Announcing Project M-Data Analytics

Presenting M-Data Analytics at Consona Connect 2010

What is M-Data Analytics and how is it going to change the way you use data?

M-Data Analytics is a Data Warehouse. A Data Warehouse is a database that is specially designed for reporting and data analysis. M2M Data is extracted, checked, cleaned, and transformed to a format […]

SQL Server Maintenance Plans for Small/Mid-sized Businesses

I get a ton of questions and calls about SQL Server Maintenance issues from Administrators who just want their server to work and be protected. They’re not interested in the intricate structure of a transaction log, how to use wait stats, etc. While many database administrators who read this article will disagree or perhaps outright […]

Disaster Recovery Options for Small/Medium Sized Businesses

This is the second of a series of articles, regarding disaster recovery for the small/medium sized businesses which are the typical customers of Made2Manage. All of these articles will be at a high level with links to more in depth articles where you can read about all the gory details.

What are we trying to […]

That's it man, game over man, game over! What the &%$ are we gonna do now?

I regularly receive questions about backup and recovery. A particularly troubling message I received recently prompted me to create the polls on database backup and recovery. I decided to create a short series of articles on disaster recovery for the small/medium sized businesses that typically use Made2Manage. This article is a true story […]

What's in Your Backup?

I’ve been speaking with a fellow M2M Admin and helping him get up to speed. I was shocked when he admitted to me that he had no backups. He explained that they were using Raid 5, and therefore didn’t need any. If you’re in this situation, don’t feel bad. Most of us work for small […]

Made2Manage Lacks Referential Integrity

I was surprised that some of the software packages I was recently testing for database comparison and writing faster queries failed to work properly with Made2Manage. When I investigated further, I realized why they wouldn’t work. M2M, to the best of my knowledge, completely lacks referential integrity.

What is referential integrity?
Referential integrity is the […]