M2M Permissions. Please Provide Some Input

In my free time, I’ve been working on the permission problem I wrote about a few weeks ago. I’ve managed to get the permissions to output correctly and created a system to report from them in Integration and Reporting Services (more on that in a later article).

I’d like your input on it before it’s […]

That's Quite a View - INMast

A Made2Manage customer called me with a serious performance problem with one of his custom reports. After I looked at it, I realized that the inventory changes in M2M Version 6.0 were the culprit. To give you some idea of his problem, the query in question ran took a few seconds before the migration and […]

Exporting Memo Fields to Excel. Received Goods (RPREGO)

One of my users came to me with a problem last week, and it’s fairly common. They run a M2M Report that has the data they want, but when they export it, some of the data is missing.

This can happen for a couple of reasons. Tables can be added to a report layout […]

SO Screen Challenge Results

In an earlier article, I challenged my readers to come up with the widest variety of solutions to a problem I posed, and discuss what I thought was the best solution. I apologize that it took me so long to get back to this, but I have been ridiculously busy lately. Anyway, on […]

Sales Order (SO) Screen Challenge

Your accounting manager comes to you with a problem. Being the stellar M2M Professional that you are, you immediately don your cape and tights. What? You don’t wear tights? Umm.. me neither… really…

Anyway, she explains to you that the terms, which are dictated by accounting, are being changed by […]

Use the VALID Event for Error Checking

Anybody who has developed with VBA and FastForms long enough has most likely run into the following error message.

I cannot tell you exactly why this error occurs, because I’ve never received an answer from support. I know the surest way to trigger it is to attempt to error check fields […]

Interesting FastForms Trick. Enable the Double-Click

In an earlier article, I discussed the problems associated with FastForms date fields. I suggested using regular text boxes at that time, but what if you want to make them act like M2M date fields with the double click feature? In case you don’t know, when you double click a date field in […]

The Fast and the Furious – FastForms Issues

This article will deal with usability issues with FastForms. I know I’ve highlighted a couple of critical bugs in recent articles, but this is my list of annoyances I have compiled while working with the tool.

In all fairness, I have expressed all of these to M2M Support and many, if not most, […]

Changing the Ship To Address and Ship Dates via VBA.

Over the years, one of the issues I’ve repeatedly encountered is the wasted time in changing Ship To Addresses and Ship Dates for multiple line item orders. My last employer made a product commonly sold with new building construction projects. Therefore, they often did not have a Ship To Address because the building […]

Accessing the M2M Database Using VBA.

A couple of weeks ago, someone sent me some VBA code which was giving them fits. I often receive requests like this and am glad to help when I can. I came across this bit of code:

Private Function fConn() As ADODB.Connection
Dim oCn As New ADODB.Connection
Dim sCnStr As String
sCnStr =”uid=sa;pwd=HisPassword;” […]