Whatchoo Talkin ‘Bout SAP?

I’ve mentioned before that Crystal Reports is a fine product, but I don’t recommend that Made2Manage customers purchase the server package. It’s expensive and their support is lacking.

However, I found out one other thing that it lacks this week. It doesn’t support usage statistics either and I cannot […]

I feel like such a SAP…

As I’ve mentioned before, I really like Crystal Reports, but their support issues continue to be a problem since they were purchased by SAP.

I recently wiped my computer at work and set about re-installing all of the software. In doing so I lost access to the SAP support website. Unfortunately, there […]

Choosing a Made2Manage Consultant

The Bobs – Office Space

As I mentioned in my first post I’ve been working as a Made2Manage Administrator for more than 10 years. However, even if you’ve been one of my regular readers, you may not be aware that I’ve also been an independent consultant for the last several years as […]

I, for One, Welcome Our New .Net Overlords (Reporting)

In a previous post I recommended the use of Crystal Reports and listed some of the advantages of doing so. One of the primary reasons I am looking forward to the Made2Manage .Net future is my fervent hope that VFP Reporting will go away. Visual FoxPro reporting must die. In this […]

Quality Reporting on a Budget

Approximately 4 years ago at a National User Conference, a Made2Manage customer gave a demonstration of Crystal Reports. It is my understanding that at the time, Made2Manage was in negotiations with Crystal to license it as a partner to provide a quality alternative to Visual FoxPro reporting. Well, that demo made an impression […]