Work in Process (RPWIP) and Inventory Evaluation (RPIVAL) Reports

As I have time I will share the SQL queries derived from the more popular Made2Manage reports. After you have the SQL query, you can display it with any program you want such as Crystal Reports, ODBC Spreadsheets, or SQL Server Reporting Services.

Use the queries with caution and make sure that you always test […]

Exporting Memo Fields to Excel. Received Goods (RPREGO)

One of my users came to me with a problem last week, and it’s fairly common. They run a M2M Report that has the data they want, but when they export it, some of the data is missing.

This can happen for a couple of reasons. Tables can be added to a report layout […]

Dinner with a Ninja

I went home to Michigan over the Memorial Day Weekend. While I was there I had dinner with a SQL Ninja who I’ve mentioned before, Brent Ozar.

I met him almost exactly a year ago when I came across his blog. He had an excellent article on Perfmon, and I […]

Cycle Counting Revisted

In a previous article, I mentioned the inadequacy of Made2Manage cycle counting in that you cannot track your cycle counts over time and make that data available to your users. Well, true to my word, I have created the following customization so that you can do just that. Now would be a good […]

Interesting FastForms Trick. Enable the Double-Click

In an earlier article, I discussed the problems associated with FastForms date fields. I suggested using regular text boxes at that time, but what if you want to make them act like M2M date fields with the double click feature? In case you don’t know, when you double click a date field in […]

Changing the Ship To Address and Ship Dates via VBA.

Over the years, one of the issues I’ve repeatedly encountered is the wasted time in changing Ship To Addresses and Ship Dates for multiple line item orders. My last employer made a product commonly sold with new building construction projects. Therefore, they often did not have a Ship To Address because the building […]

Accessing the M2M Database Using VBA.

A couple of weeks ago, someone sent me some VBA code which was giving them fits. I often receive requests like this and am glad to help when I can. I came across this bit of code:

Private Function fConn() As ADODB.Connection
Dim oCn As New ADODB.Connection
Dim sCnStr As String
sCnStr =”uid=sa;pwd=HisPassword;” […]

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

I’ve always loved Christmas Lights, but some people go overboard.

M2M can’t be decorated like that, but you can add a touch of holiday spirit. Follow the directions below and you can have your active cell indicator switch daily from green to red, the colors of Christmas.

December 4th, 2008 | Tags: , , | Category: Made2Manage | 3 comments

Having “Fun” With Job Order Numbers

I recently received a call from a company that had “run out” of internal job order numbers.

As an error message, this one is fairly descriptive. However, 9 times out 10 the person who receives it won’t have permissions to modify the numbering system anyway. Some research on M2MExpert […]

Resorting M2M List Boxes

Recently I came across the following problem: A company I assist had over 100 different shipping options in Made2Manage. You might question why a company would have that many shipping options, but when you consider there are many different options for a single carrier, they add up. For example here are a […]