You Should Attend SQL in the City

This is just a friendly plug for my friends at RedGate regarding SQL in the City, a free series of events traveling around the country. It’s a free day of training and networking led by spectacular presenters such as Steve Jones (Blog/Twitter) and Grant Fritchey (Blog/Twitter), who will be headlining the Austin event next week. […]

You Want Me to Put That Where???

In my previous article I mentioned my surprise that many readers were not running the sample code posted on my blog. When I asked a few as to why, the number one answer was that some M2M Admins don’t know which program(s) they can use to query their SQL databases. I don’t know why this […]

“That’s Not My Job” One Other Maintenance Plan Issue

Not My Job

Experienced M2M Administrators may have noticed something consipicously absent from my article on maintenance plans. I either skipped it intentionally to make a point or forgot because I have the attention span of a gnat, I’ll let you speculate the reason amongst yourselves.

As of now, all versions of Made2Manage since […]

SQL Server Maintenance Plans for Small/Mid-sized Businesses

I get a ton of questions and calls about SQL Server Maintenance issues from Administrators who just want their server to work and be protected. They’re not interested in the intricate structure of a transaction log, how to use wait stats, etc. While many database administrators who read this article will disagree or perhaps outright […]

A Wake-Up Call

Last night I received a call from a independent M2M Consultant who needed help with a transaction log that was growing too large. One of the reasons I have this blog is to find others with skills which complement mine. I like to think of us as a group of rebel soldiers with various roles […]

Updating a SQL Table From Another Table (Fixing Your Salesperson Admin Mistake)

The Problem

Yesterday I demonstrated how to use T-sql to update the Customer Table (SLCDPM) to avoid hours of manual labor. I mentioned that you should always make a backup of the table before running an update statement in case you’ve made an error.

One of my readers, Kim, astutely asked me how to use […]

Using T-SQL to Automatically Update M2M Tables

One of the primary values a good DBA brings a company is in automating tedious, time-consuming tasks. In my last article, I discussed the problems when adding a sales person to M2M. M2M’s standard procedure is to create a new sales person and manually re-assign every customer (over 700 of them) to the new sales […]

Salesperson Administration Problems

Recently we had a salesperson leave our company and they were subequently replaced. I was asked to add the new salesperson and to transfer all of the outgoing person’s accounts to the new guy.

So, I fired up the Salesperson (SLPN) screen and added the new salesperson. This was an internal promotion so I used the […]

Always Make a Backup When Performing FastForms Customizations

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve been using FastForms for years and I have one basic rule that I never, ever break. I never make changes in FastForms with users in the system. M2M says you are safe to do so, but painful experience has shown me that this is unwise.

The problem is that the […]

Trust No One

Something happened at work this week, which put a fine point on the current theme of most of my articles, which is preparedness; being able to recover from a disaster.

I currently support two different business units which use M2M, each separated by approximately 1400 miles. Yesterday morning we started getting reports of computers at […]