T-SQL Basics Series

Recently I took a trip to back home to Michigan, to visit with friends and family as well as to teach a four day class on SQL Server Administration and Reporting Services. While teaching it became clear to me how many people really need basic T-SQL training, so I created this series, called T-SQL Basics, that touches on the topics that I feel are most important to accidental DBAs.

I hope you find them useful.

  1. You Want Me to Put That Where??? is the first of the series which covers the basics of using the included Microsoft query tools, Query Analyzer and SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. T-SQL Basics – First Things First covers some basic SQL term definitions and the basic syntax rules of T-SQL.
  3. In My Way of Coding T-SQL Consistently I discuss what I consider to be best practices such as the usage of SQL Aliases (both table and field names), and the use of leading commas.
  4. How to Code with Toad is my first video blog, and shows why beginners should be using 3rd party query tools to help them follow the guidelines I set forth in the third article. Whether you choose Toad for SQL Server or another 3rd party application is up to you.
  5. T-SQL Basics – Filtering Records with the Where Clause I cover all of the basic functionality of the Where clause and include code examples for the following:
    And/Or, parenthesis usage, Greater and Less Than, Between, In, Like and pattern matching, and Not.
  6. In Ordering, Summarizing, and Grouping Data the Kung Fu Way, Master Po and I will teach you the use of Order By, Group By, Having, and the common aggregate functions. Also covered is the order of steps in SQL statement evaluation and its effect on the use of table aliases.
  7. Different Types of Joins describes how to join tables, as well as some basic gotchas when doing so.
  8. I Don’t Know! Deal With It! (Nulls) covers the difficulties when dealing with Null values in a database.

Please note that I switched in the 7th article to using a sample database I created for this series. I got several e-mails from non-Made2Manage people asking me to make the change so they could follow along with the lessons.

I’m going to go back and re-write the previous articles to follow that sample database.

This series of articles is not finished. I will return to this in the coming weeks. Stay Tuned!!