You’ve Just Taken Your First Step Into a Larger World

I love learning new things.

I couldn’t help but in a small way feel like Luke Skywalker when he first felt the force. I’ve been trying to get access to a SQL 2008 Server for the longest time, and it’s finally happened. I wrote and published my first SQL […]

Please Santa, Can I Have an Error Log in a SQL Table for Christmas.

A Christmas Story

At the time of this writing, the M2M error log is still being kept in a text file, not surprisingly called error.log. I understand that this is probably the most expedient way for M2M to capture it. I suspect it’s a lot easier code-wise to simply append […]

Well, We’re Movin’ on Up. M2M Migration

Movin’ on Up.

In a previous post, I indicated that I would post my migration procedures. Made2Manage offers instructions to set up a test server and basic migration directions, but they don’t offer recommendations of what exactly should be tested during migrations. This is unfortunate, because only they know where […]

I, for One, Welcome Our New .Net Overlords (Reporting)

In a previous post I recommended the use of Crystal Reports and listed some of the advantages of doing so. One of the primary reasons I am looking forward to the Made2Manage .Net future is my fervent hope that VFP Reporting will go away. Visual FoxPro reporting must die. In this […]

You keep using that report… I do not think it means what you think it means.

The other day, a Made2Manage user who worked in production called me because he had a problem with one of his jobs, as it was not showing up on the Work In Process Report (RPWIP). The report description is as follows:

The Work In Process Report reflects the current value of charges that have […]