Twitter Improves My Writing

Twitter improves my writing because it forces brevity and promotes vocabulary with only 140 chars, Inspires creativity for re-tweets
(Actual Tweet)

Previously, I mentioned that I had joined Twitter reluctantly. I thought of Twitter as merely a recreational outlet, but it has increased my productivity and learning. In my relatively short time with it, I’ve learned about […]

Don't Bother?

One of my talents has always been to take a look at current business processes and find ways to make them more efficient or ideally to automate them entirely. I was recently at a company with which I’m affiliated and noticed that one of the employees had four different spreadsheets open on his desktop […]

Solution to Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Data Corruption

This is a continuation from this previous post.

“It’s simple,” Encyclopedia said. “First I ran the following query against our database.”

SELECT SOM.fshipvia
FROM somast SOM
WHERE SOM.fsono = ‘123456’

“The value returned was UGB, which is the actual value for UPS Ground Bill in our database. So, I knew that the Ship Via […]

Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Data Corruption

Encyclopedia Brown is a character in a series of mini-mystery books written by Donald J. Sobol. I read most of these books in my formative years. The main character, Encyclopedia, is a young wiz kid who solves mysteries in his home town of Idaville. The stories typically have a factual […]

I Can Ride a Bike. Yay!!! That’s Great!

Special Ed from Crank Yankers

I’ve received a few e-mails asking where I’ve been lately. I got a killer virus and I finally had to wipe my primary machine and install all the necessary software. However, that’s not the primary reason I have been silent as of late.

Some […]

I can do Magic

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. – Arthur Clark

One of the factors which draws me to programming, and especially database programming, is that most people cannot understand it. To most people, computers, networks, and the internet etc quite simply work by magic. They know how to turn it on, and […]

Sometimes I Just Shake My Head – Security Problem

At times I have discussed security on this blog and mentioned the challenges of being secure when using M2M. However, this post has nothing to do with Consona.

I read several blogs on a regular basis for programming and SQL information. In fact, I think I’ll list the blogs I recommend in […]

I'm a Cowboy, On a Steel Horse I Ride

I got an e-mail from one of my readers asking me if something was wrong because I haven’t been posting as much as I normally do.

I love this bike.

Most people don’t believe me when I tell them, but I am actually a long distance bicyclist, or rather I […]

Just Call Me Dr. Mario

This is just a friendly reminder to be careful out there and not just with your e-mail.

Yesterday when I logged into Facebook, I had a message from an old friend from high school. It said the following:

it seemms youu’re reallly drrunk on thhis videeo. (Link Removed)

Since I don’t drink, I knew this was […]

My First Computer and Gaming History – Tagged

I was tagged again by Brent Ozar in which I am asked about my first computer and favorite games.

The first computers I used were Apple II and and the TRS 80 Color Computer. Gotta love the Tape drive goodness, and I actually used punch cards with the Apple. Yes, I am […]