What can I say?

Dennis and I last year.

“They found this growth in my jaw… referred me to an oral surgeon… Sensei, it’s cancer,” Dennis said to me. I was shocked and devastated. This one-two punch was followed by a long pause and then, “They’re going to remove a lot of my lower jaw next week…”

People […]

I've Got a Golden Ticket!

Hoping to find an everlasting Gob Stopper.

Last year I pined away reading all of the tweets from last year’s PASS.

It was cute, but I meant what I said. I made a promise to myself that I would go to PASS 2010. Well, last night I pulled the trigger and purchased my ticket to […]

My SQL Saturday Experience

Devin Knight, Wes Brown, and yours truly.

It’s 8:30am on SQL Saturday, and I feel like I’ve taken a two by four to the head. I’m standing outside the front of the building leading the registration team at the front tables, squinting in the sun, sweating profusely, and wondering why I feel so good […]

Five Reasons You Should Volunteer With Your Local SQL User Group and Host a SQL Saturday

I took the plunge this year and started volunteering for the North Texas SQL Server User Group. Originally I started attending because I wanted to learn more about SQL Server, but it didn’t take long before I realized that there was so much more to be gained from being there.

Why should you volunteer with […]

Top Ten Sessions for M2M Administrators at the 24 Hours of Pass

If you are a M2M Administrator, you should be studying SQL Server. I encourage anyone who works with M2M to study the SQL programming language, how SQL Server works, advanced reporting techniques, etc. In my opinion, if you don’t have at least a basic understanding of all things SQL, you cannot effectively administer M2M. […]

Trust No One

Something happened at work this week, which put a fine point on the current theme of most of my articles, which is preparedness; being able to recover from a disaster.

I currently support two different business units which use M2M, each separated by approximately 1400 miles. Yesterday morning we started getting reports of computers at […]

That's it man, game over man, game over! What the &%$ are we gonna do now?

I regularly receive questions about backup and recovery. A particularly troubling message I received recently prompted me to create the polls on database backup and recovery. I decided to create a short series of articles on disaster recovery for the small/medium sized businesses that typically use Made2Manage. This article is a true story […]

All the Little Ants are Marching...

“I got an ant farm; them fellas didn’t grow shit.” – Mitch Hedberg

A few months ago I became aware that a company I deal with still uses dot matrix printers. For those of you who have never seen one, that’s because most companies phased these relics out of existence fifteen years ago.

The dot matrix printer […]

Tool Dependence

My girlfriend really loves the Amazing Race Show, which of course means that I have to “love” it too. It’s a reality TV show where teams compete in contests all over the world with a one million dollar prize at the end. Anyway, in one episode of last season the contestants were in Dubai. The […]

MacGyver Moments

Total Badass

We may have never saved the world with a paper clip, chewing gum, and duct tape, but many of us are MacGyvers in our daily lives. Perhaps we’re stuck with SQL Server 6 or running on ridiculously old equipment, for whatever reason we’ve had to make something out of junk.

I was […]