PASS Summit - I'll Order Superman

No, I’m not talking about Paul Randal

The other day I was telling a co-worker how excited I was to be going to PASS Summit 2010 and told him it was like being a kid again at the counter of the ice cream parlor looking at looking at all the flavors and not knowing which to […]

Using PowerPivot with Problem Databases (Like M2M) Part 1

In my presentation at Consona Connect 2010, I showed users the wonders of Excel connections through ODBC, and what you could do with PowerPivot. However, I repeatedly mentioned to that group that I was glossing over lots of things in order to fit the presentation into an hour. This is part one of the series […]

Presenting Epiphanies

I Love Teaching

As I mentioned earlier this week, I really enjoyed Consona Connect 2010. I had two very important epiphanies while presenting at this event.

I know a LOT more about SQL Server than I did 3 years ago.

Don Rudo introduced me as a SQL server expert, and actually said, “Dave probably knows […]

Announcing Project M-Data Analytics

Presenting M-Data Analytics at Consona Connect 2010

What is M-Data Analytics and how is it going to change the way you use data?

M-Data Analytics is a Data Warehouse. A Data Warehouse is a database that is specially designed for reporting and data analysis. M2M Data is extracted, checked, cleaned, and transformed to a format […]

Super Secret Project - The Problem

The Problem

I’ve been working with the Made2Manage product for well over a decade and the single biggest complaint I hear about it is that customers can’t get data out of it. The most common complaints I hear are:

The included reports are too limiting and inadequate for most companies.
The database is a Visual FoxPro/SQL […]

Consona Connect 2010 Thoughts and Impressions

Using Excel/PowerPivot with M2M Presentation.

First, I want to take a moment to thank everyone at Consona for putting on a great convention this year. Having worked on SQL Saturday Events, I have an idea of how much work goes into it. I’d especially like to thank Devon Everage, who was largely responsible for […]

Why do I go to the Consona Connects?

Justice League – Looking for More Members

I received an e-mail from a reader recently regarding Consona Connect. She and I have met at a few of these events and she asked me the following question.

Every time I attend a Consona Connect I see you there. You always seem to know what is being […]

Come See Me Present at Consona Connect 2010 Next Week

In recent articles, I’ve apologized because my blogging has become sporadic and mentioned that there were reasons for it which would be revealed soon. Well, one of them is that Consona (Made2Manage) has foolishly graciously asked me to present at their national conference in Vegas next week and I’m all kinds of geeked about it. […]

Who Ya Gonna Call???


I get at least one e-mail or call a month from someone, who is unhappy with Made2Manage in some way. Either they’re unhappy with the product, or with support, or both.

Obviously, if the problem is technical the first step is to contact support. However, support may not be able or willing to […]

No SQL For You! One Year!

The Need for Structure

In my years of working with M2M, one of my biggest frustrations is that it allows you to do almost whatever you want with it. There is a lack of structure, required workflows, etc. This makes data analysis difficult to impossible at times.

I’ll just name a few examples from the sales […]