I'm Giving Two Biml Presentations at SQL Saturday Indianapolis!

This is just a heads up that I’ll be presenting at SQL Saturday Indianapolis on August 17th. I can’t wait since this is my first time speaking there and I’ll be giving newly revised versions of two of my favorite presentations.

Agile Data Warehouse and ETL Design with Biml

Business Intelligence Markup Language is literally changing the way we think about Data Warehouse design and ETL. In this interactive presentation you’ll see how you can rapidly iterate through the Data Warehouse Development Cycle and provide ROI almost immediately. Learn how you can use BimlScript to automatically create staging tables, SSIS Packages, and other necessary objects during the modeling process.

All of the code used in this presentation can be downloaded by attendees, customized, and used in their environments.

Download Agile Data Warehouse and ETL Design with Biml Presentation Files

Creating Your Own ETL Automation Framework with Biml for Beginners

You may have heard of Business Intelligence Markup Language or even tried to learn it. But how can you take the time to learn it, while getting the rest of your work done. In this highly interactive presentation, I’ll guide you through the process of learning/using Biml, without sacrificing your daily productivity.
We’ll cover how to:

  • Identify “easy” ETL patterns to BimlScript
  • Take incremental steps in automating these processes
  • Move to metadata driven BimlScript
  • Tie it all together into a full-fledged framework

As a bonus, you’ll leave the presentation with a completed framework which dynamically generates most types of flat files that you can use in your own environment.

Download Creating Your Own ETL Automation Framework Files

Anyway, it’ll be a great time, and I can’t wait to see some of you there!

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