Agile Data Warehouse Design with Biml Videos

I had such a great time at SQL Saturday Indianapolis. The entire event was top notch. Everyone was friendly and almost everything ran smoothly.

As promised, I’ve uploaded two recordings which demonstrate how you can use a Biml framework to rapidly design and load a data warehouse.

Agile Data Warehouse and ETL Design with Biml

Business Intelligence Markup Language is literally changing the way we think about Data Warehouse design and ETL. In this interactive presentation you’ll see how you can rapidly iterate through the Data Warehouse Development Cycle and provide ROI almost immediately. Learn how you can use BimlScript to automatically create staging tables, SSIS Packages, and other necessary objects during the modeling process.

Download the Code

As an added bonus, I uploaded another recording on the topic. In the following video, I show you how to add new tables to the data warehouse load using the framework.

Adding Data Warehouse Dimension(s) using the Biml Framework

Hope you enjoy the videos. Feel free to ask questions below.

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