My Wife and I are Presenting at SQL Saturday Austin on July 13th!

*** Quick Update. I’ve been asked also present “SSIS Performance Tuning with BimlScript” this Saturday as well. Abstract is below.

One again, my my lovely wife Melissa and I will be giving Biml presentations.

She and I will be co-presenting the following:

The True Story of Learning Biml

How do you learn Biml when you don’t have years of SQL experience? Is Biml even worth my time and energy when I’m still working on perfecting my SSIS skills? It seems like a lot of work, what is in it for me? In this session you will learn:

  • Why Biml is worth your time and effort.
  • How to identify ideal SSIS packages for conversion.
  • How to convert those packages into Biml.
  • How to troubleshoot your Biml build errors when Google fails you.
  • How to automate SSIS package creation with BimlScript.

Download True Story of Biml Presentation Files

After that, I’m presenting completely new versions of the following presentations:

Agile Data Warehouse and ETL Design with Biml

Business Intelligence Markup Language is literally changing the way we think about Data Warehouse design and ETL. In this interactive presentation you’ll see how you can rapidly iterate through the Data Warehouse Development Cycle and provide ROI almost immediately. Learn how you can use BimlScript to automatically create staging tables, SSIS Packages, and other necessary objects during the modeling process.

All of the code used in this presentation can be downloaded by attendees, customized, and used in their environments.

Download Agile Data Warehouse and ETL Design with Biml Presentation Files

SSIS Performance Tuning with BimlScript

You may heard that Biml can automate ETL loads, but what if your data warehouse is several terabytes with a tight load window. In this demo focused presentation, we’ll discuss how to use BimlScript to accomplish the following:

  • Dynamically create multiple SISS packages for a data warehouse ETL load, each following a different best practice design pattern.
  • Automatically execute each package multiple times and record the results for analysis.
  • Determine which package version should be used in production.

The only way to be sure that your SSIS packages are performing optimally is to test them against multiple patterns. Make your life easier and let BimlScript do the work for you.

Download SSIS Performance Tuning with BimlScript Presentation Files

If you’re in the Austin area, head to the SQL Saturday Austin event page and register. I can’t wait to hanging out with all my friends in Austin.

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