Short Cuts to Biml Mastery

I’ve been giving Biml related presentations for many years and shared what I believe are the most efficient ways to learn it. It’s possible to get enough Biml knowledge to become productive in a number of weeks, assuming one has time to focus on it. However context switching, commonly referred to as multi-tasking, kills the focus and concentration required to learn complex tasks. The unfortunate reality is that most employers can’t (or won’t) allow this kind of schedule flexibility.

So, how can you learn to apply Biml in a way that works within your schedule? Well, this series of articles will cover that very topic. I’ll show you some short cuts to generating Biml that will give you immediate productivity, so you can leverage “free” time to learn more.

In this series, we’ve been tasked by our boss to create several flat file extracts from a single database. The file specification is comma-separated values (CSV) format, double quote text qualified.

By the end of this series, we’ll have a completed, robust framework which will loop through a specified set of queries (or tables, views, etc.) and dynamically create an export for each. Additionally, it’ll support any
delimited flat file format.

Be sure to check back to this page for a list of articles as they are published.

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