I'm Giving Two Biml Presentations at SQL Saturday Houston!

If you’re in the Houston area this weekend, come see me present at SQL Saturday Houston #408! I’m going to head down Friday afternoon, and will be giving the following presentations.

Writing Your First BimlScript

In this highly interactive presentation, I’ll guide you through the process of creating your first BimlScript. During the process we’ll cover the basics of Biml syntax, language options for generating BimlScript, recommended methods of storing and using metadata to drive your BimlScipts, and a lot more. As an added bonus, you’ll leave the presentation with several BimlScripts you can adapt to use in your own environments.

This is talk has been updated since the last time I gave this presentation.

SSIS Performance Tuning with BimlScript

You know that Biml can automate ETL loads, but your data warehouse is several terabytes with a tight load window. In this demo focused presentation, we’ll discuss how to use BimlScript to accomplish the following:
– Dynamically create multiple SISS packages for a data warehouse ETL load, each following a different best practice design pattern.
– Automatically execute each package multiple times and record the results for analysis.
– Determine which package version should be used in production.
The only way to be sure that your SSIS packages are performing optimally is to test them against multiple patterns. Make your life easier and let BimlScript do the work for you.

Free Stuff

I’m going to have a bunch of Biml schwag with me, courtesy of my friends at Varigence. I’ll be bringing shirts, miniature footballs, laptop stickers, etc.

Anyway, it’ll be a great time, and I can’t wait to see some of you there!

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