I'm Presenting on Biml at Austin SQL Saturday

I’m looking forward to seeing #SQLFamily this weekend down in Austin. I’m going to head down Friday afternoon, and will be giving a newly revised version of one of my favorite presentations.

Writing Your First BimlScript

In this highly interactive presentation, I’ll guide you through the process of creating your first BimlScript. During the process we’ll cover the basics of Biml syntax, language options for generating BimlScript, recommended methods of storing and using metadata to drive your BimlScipts, and a lot more. As an added bonus, you’ll leave the presentation with several BimlScripts you can adapt to use in your own environments.

I’m going to have a bunch of Biml schwag with me, courtesy of my friends at Varigence. In fact, since this is Superbowl weekend, I’m going to be tossing some Varigence footballs around during my talk.
*** Note: Insert mandatory joke about deflated balls here.

Anyway, it’ll be a great time, and I can’t wait to see some of you there!

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  • Ralph Wilson

    Thank you so much for your presentations and your enthusiasm at SQLSAT362/SQLAUSTIN yesterday! I have to confess that I went to Austin expecting to use SQLSAT362 as a “going away party” and to then fade out of IT; however, your enthusiasm and Biml have changed my mind and I am now re-energized about working in IT and, especially, Biml!

    You exemplify what I knew (WAAAAYYYYY back when) as a Hacker. That comes from a time when a hack was A Good Thing and something to be proud of and being called a Hacker was a high compliment. One of the aspects I always loved and respected about “old school” Hackers was that they (we?) freely shared our tips, tricks and hacks. They joy was in seeing that spark in someone’s eyes when they were initially awed by something and then seeing it burst into a full fledged flame as they unadultrated joy of wanting to see that spark and flame in others’ eyes.

    Thank you again.

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