Teaching a Full Day of Biml Goodness For Tulsa School of Dev

Calling all Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse folks within driving distance of Tulsa, Oklahoma. A week from tomorrow, Friday 5/16, I’ll be presenting a full day of Biml Training at the Tulsa School of Dev, and for the low, low cost of….. FREE! Wait, did I read that right? Does that say Free? Yes, my friend the entire event is Free of charge. The content will be an updated version of the precon I gave at SQL Saturday Phoenix.

I’ve divided the day into four sessions, but I highly recommend that you attend all of them because each one builds on it’s predecessor. My Abstract is listed below:

Automate Data Warehouse Development with Biml

In this series of sessions, you’ll learn how to use BimlScript to automate your data warehouse development using Agile methodology. You’ll also receive many code samples to use in your own environments. Come see why Biml is changing the way we build data warehouses.
Session 1 Focus:

  • How Biml makes Agile data warehouse development a reality.
  • Understand the basic syntax and rules of Biml.

Session 2:

  • The important role of meta data, how to store and consume it to drive your Biml automation framework.
  • How to choose the right scripting method and language for you.

Session 3:

  • Using BimlScript and metadata to dynamically create tables, views, and the SQL Server Integration Services packages to load them.

Session 4:

  • How to spot re-usable patterns which are ideal for using Biml.
  • How to write advanced BimlScript code to create drastically improve your productivity.

Anyone who’s watched me present on Biml, knows how pumped I am about the technology, and the amazing things you can do with it. Hope to see some of you up in Tulsa!

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