Biml Makes You THE ONE

The Matrix is one of my favorite movies. The story, special affects, and the theme are so compelling that I’ve watched the movie at least a dozen times. I referenced it in the introduction for my SQL Saturday 255 presentation, Biml – The Next Step in Agile Data Warehousing, and it fits in perfectly with my ongoing series, Why I Choose Biml Scripting as well. How does Biml relate to the Matrix?

The Story

What is the Matrix really about? It’s about this really smart guy, who’s disillusioned with his surroundings and life. Everything seems flat and boring, and he can sense that there’s something fundamental being hidden from him. He goes to work everyday, doing the same things, but is spending his nights on his computer searching for the secrets of The Matrix.
This is a person who seeks more. He seeks to gain a true understanding of his environment, his role in it, and eventually to gain mastery of it and his fate. After enduring the process of searching for a guide, learning what the Matrix is, and lots of Kung Fu and gun battles, he has an epiphany.

Neo Sees the Source Code

Neo is The One

Neo is The One

He realizes that he is in fact “The One.” He can see the underlying code of The Matrix and can use his gift to make his world into what he wants it to be. He doesn’t have to toil in tedium for the rest of his life.

Can I Learn to Dodge Bullets?

Since Biml compiles into SQL Server Objects like views, tables, SSIS packages, and SSAS cubes, you can learn to automate their creation and functionality with BimlScript. Essentially, you gain the ability to “see the code,” and all of the resulting power that conveys. As I demonstrated on Saturday, you can create BimlScripts which will automatically create and load a data warehouse based upon metadata.
Can you learn to dodge or stop bullets? Well, no. However, if you spend time mastering BimlScript, you can build and load a data warehouse nearly as fast as you can draw the boxes and lines. You can save hundreds of hours of tedium, deliver data warehouses in rapid iterations, and save companies untold thousands of dollars.

Will You Take the Blue or Red Pill?

So, will you take the Blue pill and go on about your everyday life? Are you content to build and repeatedly edit the same old SSIS packages again and again? Or will you take the Red Pill and learn BimlScript instead? Will you learn how to automate your data warehouse loads, create new SSIS Packages, SSAS Cubes, and other SQL Server objects at will? The choice is yours.

As I closed my Biml presentation, I mentioned that I would be posting the BimlScripts I wrote for it on the blog for download. I’m also going to include articles detailing how the code works and how to write similar code yourself. Stay tuned in the coming days and weeks for those articles. Also, I am working on scheduling some full-day BimlScript Workshops. I’m currently trying to find a good venue in Dallas/Fort Worth, and may have already secured one in Austin, TX. Finding the right venues will be critical as I’d like to make the training as affordable as possible. If you would like to attend a workshop, know of a good venue, etc. feel free to contact me at

Continue to stay tuned to the blog. I’ll be posting more Biml articles, announcing workshops, and other cool stuff in the coming weeks.

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