Announcing Two Biml Presentations Next Week

My enthusiasm for Biml must be catching because I’ve been asked to give two presentations next week.

I’ll be giving a brand new presentation on Tuesday, November 12th, at 4:30pm for the MSBIC group at the Microsoft Building in Irving, TX. This presentation is targeted towards Business Analysts, management, and other members of the data warehouse team. If your boss has been on the fence about adopting Biml, try to get him/her to see this presentation. Anyway, details can be found on the MSBIC site and the abstract is as follows:

The Business Case For Biml

Business Intelligence Markup Language is literally changing the way we think about Data Warehouse Design and ETL Development, but what impact will this have on the rest of the business? In this presentation we’ll discuss how Biml adoption may affect things like the Data Warehouse Development Lifecycle, Team Dynamics and Roles, Quality Assurance Testing, and Business Process Interviews. We will also discuss how to maximize your return on investment (ROI) by utilizing BimlScript in your data warehouse projects.

Next Thursday, November 14th, at 6pm CT I’ll be giving a remote presentation to the Tulsa SQL Server User Group. I’m going to present a re-factored and more detailed version of the Biml presentation I gave at SQL Saturday #255 last week. I’m hoping that it will be available for live streaming and I’ll follow up with more details once everything is straightened out. I’m thrilled to be giving this presentation again because I will have more time and can show more of the code. Once again, the abstract follows.

BIML – The Next Step in Agile Data Warehousing

Business Intelligence Markup Language (BIML) is literally changing the way we think about Data Warehouse design and ETL. In this interactive demo-focused presentation you’ll see how you can rapidly iterate through the Data Warehouse Development Cycle and provide ROI almost immediately. Learn how you can use BIML Script to automatically create staging tables, SSIS Packages, and other necessary objects during the modeling process.

But wait, there’s more….

I mentioned my intention to present a full day Biml Workshop in a previous article, and a local firm has approached me and would like to sponsor it. I know a lot of my NTSSUG SQL Family are really eager for some Biml training and I promise to post any developments and updates right here on the blog.

Hope to “see” some of you at the presentations.

6 comments to Announcing Two Biml Presentations Next Week

  • Shahid Khan


    In the above YouTube video “BIML – The Next Step in Agile Data Warehousing” you have said that you will make all the biml scripts that you have used during the video downloadable on this site but I can’t seem to find anyone of them.
    Would it be possible if you could point me where I can find these biml scripts?

  • Shahid, I’m terribly sorry you’re right. I haven’t shared it because there’s a bug in Biml which makes the import code only work with Mist. The Varigence team is looking at it and I intend to share it fully when that’s fixed. However, you can download it at the following link and it will work well with Mist. Also, for those using Bidshelper, I’ve included the imported table assets so you can just run the BimlScripts themselves without having to import. You’ll find instructions included in the zip file. Please let me know if the link doesn’t work for some reason.!487&authkey=!ANUcX4QxVGQUNTU&

  • Patrick Flynn

    Hi David

    Thanks for sharing the presentation.

    We are in process of adopting BIML and MIST and your resources are a great help.


    Patrick Flynn

  • Gilbert

    Hello David, Thank you for posting this video! I tried downloading the script files and the link is no longer working or valid. Would it be possible to make those files accessible again? Thank You!

  • Bill Sharon

    Hi David … I just discovered this wonderful presentation and would like to incorporate BIML into our fairly new BI environment. Tried downloading the code from the above onedrive link, but evidently it’s not there anymore. Is there another source we can link to?


  • Michael

    I know this is an old blog entry which is great and still relevant to biml newbies, but do you still have the sample project files (for Mist – preferred)?
    I am new to the biml scripting/C# programming of SSIS packages. I did create (reverse engineered) some basic packages and was able to get my manager to purchase Mist which opened up so much more to me and I want to enhance the SSIS packages.

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