Upcoming Presentations at NTSSUG and SQL Saturday Dallas

Just wanted to give my readers, both of you, a quick heads up on my upcoming presentations, both of which deal with BimlScripting.

“Biml Basics” Tuesday Night at NTSSUG

Tuesday night (10/29) I’m presenting the final session (for now) of my Data Warehousing Basics and Beyond series for the North Texas SQL Server User Group. We’ve covered the basics on how to create both Dimension and Fact Tables, as well as how to load them with SSIS. This final presentation will be on Biml Basics. We’ll discuss what Biml is, the basics of how to extend it with script, and why you should adopt it. I think everyone will find it interesting and this session will serve as a good pre-lude to my upcoming presentation at SQL Saturday 255.

SQL Saturday #255 – Arlington, TX

Our next SQL Saturday is this week (11/2/2013) and I’ll be volunteering as usual. The regular event is free to everyone and we still have room for more attendees, so I urge everyone in the area to attend. I’ll be presenting the following at the event:

Biml – The Next Step in Agile Data Warehousing

Business Intelligence Markup Language is literally changing the way we think about Data Warehouse design and ETL. In this interactive, demo focused presentation you’ll see how you can rapidly iterate through the Data Warehouse Development Cycle and provide ROI almost immediately. Learn how you can use Biml Script to automatically create staging tables, SSIS Packages, and other necessary objects during the modeling process.

Also, we are offering three pre-conference sessions on Friday (11/1) from well known experts in their field, which you umm… may have heard of. 🙂 They are an excellent value at $120 for a full day of training. The speakers and session titles are as follows:

A Day of SSIS 2012 – Andy Leonard
Query Perfomance Tuning – Grant Fritchey
Data Science Crash Course- Drew Minkin

More details for the SQL Saturday event and Precons can be found here. I hope to see a lot of you there!

6 comments to Upcoming Presentations at NTSSUG and SQL Saturday 255

  • Jason Griffith

    If I were closer than 6 hours away, I’d be there. Enjoy!

  • Ralph Wilson

    I’m somewhere between 4.5 and 6.5 hours away (and about to have 2 wisdom teeth extracted 🙁 ) but I’ll be present for Andy’s pre-con as well as SQLSAT255!

    Couldn’t make PASS Summit but I’ll make SQLSAT255!

  • Looking forward to seeing you again Ralph. Bummer about the teeth though.

  • Mike Markel

    David, I attended your presentation at the Dallas/Arlington SQL Saturday. Excellent. I can’t stop thinking about it. ..for me, by far the most impacting presentation. During the presentation you referred several times to a framework. For my SSIS packages, I have co-opted a framework, modified it to suit my purposes and was looking forward to “porting” it to BIML.
    Are you going to post your BIML-ized framework on this site?

  • Mike, Thanks so much for your kind words. Yes, I’m currently already working on taking the code I showed on Saturday and converting it to bite sized chunks so people can more easily understand it. I’ll be posting a lot of articles and videos about Biml and BimlScript in the very near future. Stay Tuned!

  • […] found that it’s easier to learn new things by example, I will use one of the scripts from my Biml – The Next Step in Agile Data Warehousing […]

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