Upcoming Presentations - NTSSUG and SQL Saturday OKC

Tonight at the North Texas SQL Server User Group

This is just a quick reminder that I’m presenting another hour in my continuing series Data Warehousing for the North Texas SQL Server User Group. We’ve already covered Dimension Tables in depth, so tonight I’ll be presenting, “Fact Tables – Show Me The Money!” I’ll explain the fundamentals of Fact Table design and demonstrate how to load them with SSIS.

The PowerPoint Slides, SSIS Project, and T-SQL Setup code can be downloaded here.

Also presenting tonight will be Devin Knight (Blog/Twitter). Devin will be presenting, “Getting to Know Power Query.” Devin’s presentations are always great so I urge everyone in the area to attend.

SQL Saturday 223 – Oklahoma City

I’ll be giving the following presentations in OKC on Saturday August 24th. I’ve given both of these before, but I am always improving them.

Have You Got the Urge to (T-SQL) Merge?

You’ve got data to load into an already existing table, perhaps a slowly changing dimension, and need a method that is simple, supportable, and performs well. The T-SQL Merge statement, introduced in SQL 2008, can do all of this and more. Many DBAs investigate it, but find it unintuitive, time consuming, or they couldn’t get it to perform well. This doesn’t need to be difficult; after attending this session you’ll thoroughly understand the fundamentals of the merge statement and how to write them. You will also leave with scripts which automatically write well formed merge statements for you in less than 1 minute, guaranteed. Come see how.

Data Warehouse Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Many data professionals understand the basics of Data Warehouse design, including Dimension and Fact Tables, slowly changing Dimensions, and the use of meaningless surrogate keys. However, it isn’t until you’ve created a dimensional model and put it into production, that you realize just how much of an impact seemingly trivial mistakes can make. They can hobble performance, allow inaccuracy, and perhaps worst of all, inhibit adoption and usage of the new system. Learn how to avoid many common mistakes, from someone who’s made them and then found ways to correct them.

I’ve received high marks on both of these presentations for good content and funny delivery. Nobody talks about Data Warehousing the way I do, and I’m sure a good time will be had by all.

If you haven’t signed up for SQL Saturday OKC you can find more information about it on their website.

Hope to see some of you there!

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