Upcoming Presentations This Week

I’m in for a busy week as I have back to back presentations this Wednesday and Thursday nights.

On Wednesday the 20th, the Forth Worth SQL Server User Group has asked me to present one of my favorites. I’m constantly revising this presentation as I encounter as I come across new mistakes to share. So, even if you’d seen it, there will still be new material to shock and amaze you.

Data Warehouse Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Many data professionals understand the basics of Data Warehouse design, including Dimension and Fact Tables, slowly changing Dimensions, and the use of meaningless surrogate keys. However, it isn’t until you’ve created a dimensional model and put it into production, that you realize just how much of an impact seemingly trivial mistakes can make. They can hobble performance, allow inaccuracy, and perhaps worst of all, inhibit adoption and usage of the new system.

Learn how to avoid many common mistakes, from someone who’s made them and then found ways to correct them.

On Thursday the 21nd, I’ll be continuing my Data Warehouse Series for the North Texas SQL Server User Group.

Data Warehouse Series – Basics and Beyond

In a series of 1 hour sessions, I’ll cover both the basics and gotchas of Data Warehouse Development using the SQL Server 2012 toolset. Some of the things we’ll cover are:

  • Basic methodology for evaluating business requirements/needs, obtaining user cooperation, and identifying source data quality issues.
  • Data Warehouse basic concepts including Facts, Dimensions, Star and Snowflake Schemas.
  • Deep dive into slowly changing Dimension types and how to handle them using T-SQL and SSIS.
  • T-SQL Merge Fundamentals and how it can be used to load Dimension and Fact Tables. Yes, I swear the Merge Generation Code will be ready for the presentation. 🙂
  • Understanding the three basic Fact Table types, how they are used, and loaded with SSIS.
  • Date Dimension creation and configuration.
  • Taking advantage of SSIS 2012 functionality improvements including Environments, Project Parameters etc.
  • Strategies for SSIS and database optimization, insuring data integrity, etc.

And much, much more. Each session will build upon the previous sessions so they will be recorded and posted to my blog. Come watch this exciting and progressive series as I take you from padawan to Jedi Master.

I can’t wait to see my friends at the meetings.

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  • Chris Nelson


    I enjoyed the presentation at NTSSUG last night. The SSIS Dimension Merge SCD Component at CodePlex you mentioned, , has been taken over by Pragmatic Works.

    I posed a question about companies merging and how you handle those type of issues. This is more common when dealing with large corporations that re-og and have changes to their districts and regions. Was hoping for a pointer in the books on the best way to handle these situations.

    Thanks again and say Hi to Tom Melko for me!


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