Gratitude, Resolutions, and Shit

“Shit!” I said, followed by even more graphic expletives. I lost you? Sorry, I forget that you don’t follow me around? Let me explain.

Like most people, I have a junk room filled with boxes and plastic storage bins. After Thanksgiving I was in the garage looking for our stored Christmas ornaments and came across a very large bin that was unlabeled. When I opened it, I found a ton of brand new clothes including many pairs of Dockers pants and all of them had the tags still on. To understand my anger we need to back up several years.

Clowning around, but not really happy.

Clowning around, but not really happy.

Around 15 years ago, on my way to morbid obesity, I was outgrowing my clothes much faster than they wore out. During the rise, I bought a bunch of Dockers Slacks and other clothes for work because I got them on sale. However, because my weight rose so fast, I had pairs of them that were never worn. I never even took the tags off. I could have returned them, but I was embarrassed because of the reason. Those of you who know me, know that I’m unfailingly honest. I couldn’t look a clerk in the face and tell them that I had to return the pants because I was too fat to wear them. For these all of these years I have kept them in a plastic bin, telling myself that I would lose weight and wear them again someday.

I carted those pants from apartment to apartment. I had garage sales and didn’t sell those pants. Even as I gave away half my stuff when I packed up everything to move across country years ago, I kept that damn bin. I knew it would be feel great to be able to wear them. However, I lost track of it in my latest move.

So, why the expletives? Well, in case anyone doesn’t know I had weight loss surgery back in April. I figured that as my weight dropped I would be able to use the brand new Dockers (and other clothes) from that bin. However, by the time I found it they were already several sizes too large for me anyway. Sometime in December I passed 100 lbs of weight lost. So, my immediate reaction was anger that I had wasted the money, time, and effort carting around those stupid pants only to never get to wear the damn things.

Then, “Bang” I felt like something hit me upside the head.


Who's this guy? - Photo courtesy of Tim Mitchell

Who’s this guy? – Photo courtesy of Tim Mitchell

What the heck was I thinking? I have so many things for which I should be grateful. I’ve lost a hundred pounds, 10 inches from my waist, and feel great. Weight Loss Surgery saved my life. I would absolutely do it all over again, and again, and again if necessary. I’ve reached a point in my career where money isn’t a problem, who cares if I had to donate a couple of hundred dollars in clothes to Goodwill? I’ve already donated thousands of dollars of clothes as I’ve gone down through the sizes. There are lots of people in my #SQLFamily who care and I’m surrounded by great people at the North Texas SQL Server User Group as well.

I have been working for the past several months for a company in Carrollton, Texas on a fascination multi-tenant data warehouse project as the Data Warehouse Architect. The project is amazing, we’re using all of the best toys (tools), and I’ve brought in some of the very best consultants to assist with it. I have my SQL Family to thank for that. More on that in a later article.

Anyway, life is too short to dwell on meaningless things like Dockers pants. Life is good.


This is the first year that my primary resolution is NOT to lose weight, though I intend lose another 20 to 40 pounds this year. I’m back in the gym and have been investigating Aikido Dojos in the area. I have Steve Jones (Blog/Twitter) to thank for pushing me back toward the art. I can tell you that if he likes you, the man is relentless. So, I promise to be attending one before the end of January.

I want to start getting certified in the BI Stack. I’m calling myself out right now in front of all (both) of my readers. I will get at least 3 certifications this year and will shoot for more.

Regardless of my difficult work schedule, I’ll take more time to blog and present this year. In fact, I’ve just agreed to present an ongoing series at the North Texas SQL Server User Group meetings called, “Data Warehouse Series – Basics and Beyond” and I hope to see some of you there. I love giving back to my #SQLFamily and need to do as much as I can this year. Mentoring others in our profession makes me feel great.

Having shed almost a full person, I have more energy than ever. Watch out folks, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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  • Jason Griffith

    Well done, sir.

  • Jen

    Which certs are you thinking of going after? I have a resolution for 3 as well, but that may be more of a stretch goal. Nothing wrong with that I guess 🙂 (the 461,462,and 463). At the very least, it’s a way to be exposed to more content and expand the ‘ole knowledge base (besides hands on, of course.)

  • A strong epistle of encouragement, David! Keep it up.

    And btw, my resolutions are pathetic by comparison. I set my sights low! I resolved to listen to everything in my music library at least once and discard anything that’s not a pleasure. In some ways, it’s kind’a like your Dockers. Life’s too good to hang on to things that are meaningless or less than meaningless.

    I’m sure you’ll be even thinner when I next see you. =^)

  • Well done Dave. I need to set some goals for this new year, but seems like I am so involved in forest, that I have forgotten to look outside the trees. LOL

  • Tick, tock, Mr. Stein. 16 days left.

    And congrats and glad to see you looking at life from the best point of view.

  • So SO proud of you David, keep up the great work. Looking forward to seeing you continue kicking ass in 2013.

  • Just amazing Dave.

    Excellent work!

    *sings* You’re not half the man you used to be – yet 😉

  • Nuff

    Bravo on your new path to a healthier lifestyle, every time you pop in you keep slimming!

    Dave, was looking on your site for some database restore tips, working on getting a test environment for M2M 6.01 with Lew/Full DBs on it.

    I was able to do a restore and have a working environment but the issue was I was running the M2M DBs off of my external drive.

    Did the restore database from disk command but there was something I may have missed recieved all kinds of errros during the creatDBC part. I’m reloading the server and starting from scratch.


  • Thanks Dude. I miss seeing you every day. If I understand you correctly, you are trying to run SQL Server Databases on an external drive (USB?). I believe you’ll receive an error when you try to do that. It’s a Microsoft limitation.

  • Nuff

    I found what i needed by using the code below.

    MOVE ‘M2MData01’ TO ‘\M2MData01.mdf’,
    MOVE ‘M2MData01_log’ TO ‘\M2MData01.ldf’

    Thanks Dave!

  • Sorin Berca

    Dave, this is Sorin, I am glad that you like Aikido, actually it is one of the most beautiful martial arts, eventually you can try Aikido of Dallas I think is on Indian Trail with Royal or something, I trained there for a while, BUT you have to take into account that if you are not comfortable with the falls( you might be if you took other martial arts before!) your body might take a toll. Aikido looks really really nice works with the energy, the mind and the spirit, BUT people are people and they will work on your joints in their quest to proof they can control you(because they cannot control themselves !).I stopped Aikido because I realized people where not sincere and where hurting my joints, so if your joints are not quite young and you cannot fall cursively in order to transform the practice in a workout also, you might want to consider something else in order to loose weight first. A very good place to loose weight and get your cardio up is the boxing gym at Crosby recreation center, been there for a little while, if you are into martial arts(by the way of working both brain parts !) then you might want to try Crow’s Martial arts, also close to Real Page. There is where I train. It is a whole system. It has everything, I mean everything. Coming back to Aikido is all about falls, there is no Aikido without falls. If you start there please pass my regards to Sensei Bob Mason.
    Peace, Sorin

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