SQL Saturday Dallas Reflections and Presentation Downloads

Every time I attend SQL Saturdays I am re-energized, and SQL Saturday 163 BI Edition was no different. This one was particularly special because of my precon presentation, “Data Warehousing In a Day”. I just love getting up in front of a group and teaching and it’s obvious when to the attendees.

If all of the emails I’ve received are any indication, the attendees enjoyed it as much as I did. I want to thank those who attended the precons (not just mine) and attended SQL Saturday. You folks make the PASS Community worthwhile.

I also want to thank our team of volunteers who put on the event.

As anyone who reads my blog knows, my time has been ridiculously scarce lately and I wasn’t able to do much more than get my presentations ready. It’s nice to know that if I can’t give my usual effort that everyone else picks up the slack. Everything went off great. Congrats guys.

Presenting “Dimension – It’s All Meaningless Without Them”

Anyway, as promised the following are available for download:

Source Database Backup, Scripts, and SSIS 2012 Packages
Building an ETL Automation Framework for SSIS 2008 – Rushabh Mehta

Once again folks, please accept my sincere apologies that I haven’t made enough time for my community work, especially blogging. I just recently severed ties with a project that was taking all my time and preventing me from blogging. That, and another event I’ll talk about soon, reminded me how important the SQL Community is to me. I will endeavor to make this the last time I need to apologize.

Anyway, coming up in future posts I’ll cover the following:

  • More on the Merge Statement including a wrinkle I ran into last week regarding foreign keys.
  • The Balanced Data Distributor Transform for SISS.
  • A series of articles regarding Dimensions, SCDs, and how to load them in SSIS 2008 through SSIS 2012.

Stay Tuned!

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