Free Support Can Cost a Fortune

supportWhile performing some SQL programming work for a client they mentioned a problem they had with a vendor. I won’t name the vendor but I will say that it rhymes with Made2Damage. Anyway, the client spent most of the day trying to fix a problem with the help of telephone support. Hours were spent on the phone and at various attempted fixes. Now, I’m not blaming the vendor because the support representative can’t know this client’s setup as intimately as I do so they had to address every possible cause of the problem.

I asked him to briefly describe the problem. I then responded to him, “let me guess, the problem turned out to be the….” Of course, it was the same solution that he got through support, but it took five minutes to fix versus six or seven hours.

I asked why the client didn’t simply call me. He sighed and said that the vendor support was “free” (yearly paid support) while I would charge him per hour.

So, he wasted most of the day… but at least he saved fifty bucks.

2 comments to Free Support Can Cost a Fortune

  • Scott

    Looking back the user may seem foolish. However….

    The user didn’t know you could solve it in 5 minutes.
    The user didn’t know support would take 7 hours.
    In some cases it is easier to spend a day on an issue then to get aproval to spend $50.

  • We are looking for alternative support options rather than renew our support contract with Consona. We are experiencing some unusual issues since installing SP4 prior to our maintenance expiration.

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