The Made2Manage Favorites Bar Must Die

As I’ve mentioned before, the Made2Manage Favorites Bar is a buggy mess. I regularly get questions from my clients and readers of this blog asking why M2M screens return incorrect data or otherwise misbehave. One of my first suggestions to them is to disable the favorites bar. However, disabling the bar isn’t intuitive so I thought I would quickly post how to do it.

First, it is not enough to simply un-check the toolbar. If you un-check the toolbar, but leave the M2M screens attached in it, you haven’t really disabled it.

So, select the toolbar and then left click and drag the items off it one at a time. Where you drag and release them doesn’t matter. It feels awkward, but you know when you’ve “grabbed” the item correctly when it forms an unusual black cross. Unfortunately, I couldn’t catch that in a screenshot.

After you have cleared all of the individual items from the toolbar, then you can disable it by selecting Windows, Toolbars, and un-checking the Favorites Bar.

Incidentally, there isn’t a way to keep users from loading the toolbar up with screens again afterward, and I find that they often do. These incorrect record number issues tend to be cyclical because the same users have the problem repeatedly after they enable the toolbar again.

Hey, at least it’s job security for M2M Adminstrators. 🙂

4 comments to The Made2Manage Favorites Bar Must Die

  • I know that the favorite bar cause a lot of problem. Do you know why is such a ‘buggy mess’?

  • Scott

    I believe part of the issue is that all screens on your favorites bar load at startup (even though you can’t see them). M2M does not recomend that you have any screens with customizations on the bar.

  • Pat

    I have found that screens are more or a problem on the favorites bar that reports.
    But I do agree with you David that the issues when the favorites bar is on can just be downrite strange!

    Also a tip I use Hypersnap ( for many screen captures and I was able to capture the “unusual black cross”

  • Judy

    Screens are a definite NO for the favorites bar; but Reports are acceptable and won’t generally cause any difficulty.

    Scott – You are correct, there are numerous screens loaded at startup (login) in the background. And then the favorites bar, loads them again. The system can’t handle the multiples and causes issues.

    So play it safe, only use favorites for your REPORTS, not Screens! Makes things within M2M much happier!

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