Isn't it Ironic? Don't You Think?

Anyone who reads this blog should know that I’m a fan of Todd McDermid and his free Kimball Slowly Changing Dimension Transform. For those of you who’ve not been following his blog, he was contacted by the Kimball Group and informed that he needed to stop using Kimball’s name for his free transform, the Kimball Method Slowly Changing Dimension Transform, even though it has existed with that name for years.

Todd was classy about it, had a contest to rename it, and came up with Dimension Merge SCD. Since then, another pillar of the SQL Community, Brian Knight (Blog/Twitter), has picked up the ball and is integrating the transform into Pragmatic Works Task Factory.

Anyway, last week I received the new The Microsoft Data Warehouse Toolkit: With SQL Server 2008 R2by the Kimball Group and ripped through the book at a blistering pace. I hit page 222 by the next day and this is what I found:

The two most popular third-party tools for replacing the Microsoft SCD transform are:

Kimball Method SCD Transform, available for free download from and developed by Todd McDermid. This transform offers more functionality than the Microsoft SCD transform, and performs much better. Edits are not destructive to downstream elements. This transform is not associated with the Kimball Group, though the developer followed Kimball published best practices in his design.

Um… what?

I have great respect for everyone involved including Ralph Kimball, that’s why I buy, read, and recommend his books. However, the fact that the request was made at nearly the same time this new book was published was too much to pass up.

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