Come See Me Present at SQL Saturday Chicago and Dallas

I’ll be presenting at two SQL Saturdays back to back. You are taking advantage of SQL Saturday events, right?

SQL Saturday Chicago is this weekend (3/26), and I’ll be presenting:

Data Warehousing – How to Convince “The Bobs”

I got a meeting with the Bobs in a couple of minutes...

Building your first Data Warehouse is a long, and often difficult process. How can you get your boss to approve a Data Warehouse project? What’s the best way to explain dimensional modeling and the benefits of a Data Warehouse to a business person? What are the best/most cost effective ways of learning it? What kind of materials, hardware, software, etc do you need? What’s the best way to build a proof of concept that will impress your boss, as rapidly as possible?

Come to this presentation, and I’ll answer all of these questions plus the most important question of all.

“Is this good for the company?” Absolutely.

The following Saturday (4/2) my home group, the North Texas SQL Server User Group, will be hosting our 3rd SQL Saturday. I’ll be presenting the following:

T-SQL Techniques to Survive Zombie Databases

Do you have a Zombie Database? Does your database suffer from roaming hordes of problems like the lack of primary and foreign keys, poor normalization, in place updates and deletes, and an insatiable drive to eat your braaaaaaaaaaaaaains (CPU cycles).

Fear not fellow survivor for in this session, I’ll show you how to fortify your code against zombie infestation. How to deal with the unknown (nulls), how to Restore Order by Joining together in Groups. Flak Jackets are Optional, but encouraged.

So, participate in SQL Saturdays. Present, volunteer, or just attend. They’re excellent, free sources of SQL Education.

9 comments to Come See Me Present at SQL Saturday Chicago and Dallas

  • Judy Graham

    Anxious to see you (finally) in Chicago! Looking forward to the presentations!

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  • Tim Knoob

    Hi David,
    I was wondering if you could post your presentation materials when you spoke recently at the SQL Saturday in Austin.



  • Which presentation are you referring to Tim?

  • Tim Knoob

    “Data Warehouse Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make” from SQL Saturday Austin.


  • I’m sorry Tim. I published that, but made a mistake with the link. You can now find it at:


    Hope to see you again soon at another event.

  • Tim Knoob

    Great. Thanks.

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