Planes, Trains, and.... Well Actually Just Automobiles.

Over the holidays and through the first week of this year, I took a journey back home to Michigan. Why did I drive you ask? Well, I wanted to take my Cockatoo Anakin with me. Sometime along the trip he decided that migrating was for the birds. We survived, but he was thrilled after we returned home.

Master O, Lady Gaga, and Myself

Anyway, on the way up, I stopped by Chicago and had lunch with Brent Ozar (Blog/Twitter). I hung out with him most of the afternoon, we discussed all things SQL Server, and he was kind enough to take the picture celebrating my iPad “Win.”

Once again, thank you Red Gate Software. I’m geeked to try SQL Monitor this week.

After I got settled in Grand Rapids, I visited with friends and family. Before traveling to the east side of Michigan I contacted Tim Ford (Blog/Twitter) and he was kind enough to have dinner with me as well. He’s a great guy that I wish I had met before I left Michigan. He and I discussed the economic climate for West Michigan, SQL Server, Community participation, and other stuff. His family seemed very taken with Anakin. In fact, when Tim and I returned from dinner, his rather large cat was staring longingly at the bird through a glass door.

Anyway, I spent time with family near the Detroit area and then spent 4 days teaching SQL Administration and SQL Server Reporting Services to a few Made2Manage companies. I won’t mention them by name because I haven’t asked permission, but I had a great time with them and learned several things in the process. What did I learn? Well, I’m glad you asked.

First, I hate to sound like a broken record, but I really love teaching. I am really in my element in that role and intend to spend more time doing it.

Second, while teaching the class and referring to my blog during it, I found errors in some of my T-SQL example code. That shouldn’t be a surprise to me since I’ve come so far in the past several years. What did surprise me is that people must not be running my code or they would have reported problems with it.

So, why aren’t you running my code? I asked several readers and got a variety of answers, most of which point to my next realization.

Made2Manage people really need SQL training, especially in writing T-SQL code. Two of the people I asked about my code samples admitted that they didn’t know where to paste the code in the first place simply to run it. I intend to focus on these basics quite a bit in the coming weeks. In my opinion, you cannot effectively use SSRS and other reporting tools if you cannot write basic free hand T-SQL code.

So, in tomorrow’s installment I’ll start at the very beginning and tell you where to paste and run the code.

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