On the Third Day of SQL Todd McDermid Gave to Me...

This year I made a concerted effort to get involved in the community in a big way and that has benefited me in several ways. I’ve made tons of new friends and found great people who are willing to share their knowledge with me and others. To recognize others for what they do in the community, I joined other bloggers in the Twelve Days of SQL in which we spotlight people producing great content. Anyway, I was given day three so Good Day and Welcome to Day Three. Obviously, I”ve chosen to spotlight Todd McDermid.

Why Todd McDermid?

Umm.. because he’s awesome. I recently “found” Todd McDermid (blog|twitter). He is a SQL Server MVP and excellent resource for SSIS and Data Warehouse information. In fact, he created a free, performant SSIS Slowly Changing Dimension Component which simplifies Data Warehouse loading. How many people would go to all that trouble to solve a problem many of us have and then simply give it away?

I could have picked any number of his blog posts. The one I settled on was Parallelism in SSIS Multiple Lookups. The post is extremely informative, well written, and very thorough. One thing in particular I like is that Todd explains the concepts using real world examples, in this case an automobile assembly line, which makes it much easier to understand.

It’s obvious that he puts a great deal of time into his blog posts, and I just want to thank Todd for his efforts.

Great, who’s day four?

Well, you’re in for a treat folks, because tomorrow the great Andy Leonard has day four. Andy is an amazing presenter, blogger, and mentor with SSIS and you should follow him as religiously as I do. Tune in tomorrow to “hear” him wax poetic about another blogger who makes the SSIS world a better place.

I Win

When the twelve of us were talking about doing the Twelve Days of SQL we had a friendly contest about who had the tackiest ornament. After all, Brent Ozar posted a gem. Well, I assured everyone that I had the winning entry. And now, for your amusement… and perhaps condemnation… behold my tackiest ornament.

Merry Christmas!

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