Check Out M2M Talk

There’s a new independent M2M forum available called M2M Talk, which is free for everyone who works with M2M. It was started by a third party solutions provider who’s been working with Made2Manage customers a long time.

It’s been running roughly two months and some of the best people in M2M are on it. It is independent, not affiliated with Consona, and could be a good place to get your questions answered.

The challenge with any of these projects is reaching critical mass. The more people participate in it, the more people will want to participate in it.

I urge everyone in M2M to use and support it, as I think it is a service that has been sorely lacking.

However, at the same time I want to be clear that I do not have any affiliation with the site either, except for visiting it regularly to look for opportunities to help other M2M “survivors.”

Anyway, I applaud the effort and hope that all of you will join me in my support of the project.

5 comments to Check Out M2M Talk

  • Kim Edwards

    I would like to learn more about reporting and the information I can get out of M2M. Is there a list of reports and the details we can get out of them? Some sort of informational summary list.

  • I cannot register for M2M Talk, there is a verification code I’m supposed to enter, but nowhere is there a place to enter it, or anything to match.

    Anyone else have this problem?

  • Telson, I sent your e-mail to the Administrator of M2MTalk. Hopefully he can help you with this. I don’t have any affiliation with them.

  • I know, and thank you, I just wanted to post this here, so when an answer arrives, I can post it here also, and anyone else having issues can see the problem and the solution.

  • verification code is now displayed – if anyone else is having the same issue. It is VERY hard to read however, I tried 6 times to get in.

    David is a miracle worker, and don’t let anyone tell you different.

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