Why do I go to the Consona Connects?

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I received an e-mail from a reader recently regarding Consona Connect. She and I have met at a few of these events and she asked me the following question.

Every time I attend a Consona Connect I see you there. You always seem to know what is being presented already, often better than the person who is presenting.

So, why do you go if it is not to learn?


I haven’t attended every single Consona Connect, but have attended the majority of them. There are a couple of reasons I attend.

I have always learned something. Now it’s true that I don’t learn as much as a your typical beginner does at one of these events, but I’ve always taken a few nuggets of information away from every one of them. Often the learning hasn’t happened in a class, but rather at the networking events or even in the hallway between sessions. I’ll “corner” a Made2Manage employee or another customer and pick their brains for tips and tricks I do not know. Nobody knows everything.

Looking for Super Friends

However, the primary reason I have attended has been to network. Well before I had a blog I would attend these events and participate in presentations by asking questions and assisting the presenter with specific aspects of certain issues where appropriate.

At past Consona Connects the presentations were made primarily by their educators. While those folks do their best to stay informed, they can’t really know the product as well as someone who works with it every day. They don’t know the subtle gotchas of working with VBA, FastForms, etc.

Why did I take this active role? Well, I was looking for Super Friends. I envisioned in a funny way that Made2Manage was the Legion of Doom, and I was looking for other people who were advanced in certain aspects of M2M that I could call on for help. I knew that my employer wouldn’t fork out a high consulting rate for M2M’s help, and nobody was blogging and sharing about M2M on the internet. So, I would take an active role in these classes and Super Friends would find me.

This has invariably worked over the years and I have people on whom I rely for VBA, FastForms, and Visual FoxPro help. In turn, they are welcome to contact me for help with those items as well as SQL Server, reporting, etc.

Want to Join? Capes are Optional

This year, I am working on a new project which will be a huge benefit for M2M customers as well as for those technical people who participate in it. I’m hoping to attract people who want to get involved and become better administrators in the process.

Also, as I mentioned before, I am presenting this year and that is always loads of fun.

So, if you see me walking around, stop me and say hello. I’m always looking for new (super) friends.

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  • Forrest Williams

    I, unfortunately, am not attending Consona Connect this year (I went to the one at Disney World, I think it was maybe 2000?), but I would definitely like to get on your list of super friends! I learned M2M by implementing v3.2 at a manufacturing company in Houston back in 1999. I was the employee responsible for selecting and implementing the ERP system. I became the company expert on M2M and I liked the work so much that, in 2002, I left that company to become a full time software consultant. I have worked with M2M continuously since then, and I have also learned my way around a few other ERP/Accounting systems (Syspro, Microsoft Dynamics, QuickBooks (don’t laugh)). I don’t sell software. I customize screens, create reports, create standalone integration applications, etc. for my clients. I even manage M2M support cases for a few of them. My clients don’t have an internal M2M expert, so they hire me on a contract basis to be there on-call expert. I am currently helping a client upgrade from 3.2 to 6.0 — quite a challenge! I’d love to get in on your super-secret project and help in any way that I can!

  • Judy Graham

    Consona Connect offers great opportunities to meet the people that you speak with at Consona (Made2Manage) and lets you have the opportunity to talk with other people that are using the same product that you are. Share experiences and share knowledge! Wish I was there……….



    You are a great example of a customer who enhances the other customer’s experience. Consona Connect is about the customer! Thanks for everything you contributed

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