Come See Me Present at Consona Connect 2010 Next Week

In recent articles, I’ve apologized because my blogging has become sporadic and mentioned that there were reasons for it which would be revealed soon. Well, one of them is that Consona (Made2Manage) has foolishly graciously asked me to present at their national conference in Vegas next week and I’m all kinds of geeked about it.

I’ll be co-presenting the SQL Server Administration sessions with the great Don Rudo. He gives a great presentation and has so much experience that I’ll most likely just be adding color commentary here and there. Maybe I’ll break out my John Madden impression and spout obvious things like, “Backups are important.”

On Friday I’ll present “Using MS Word and Excel with M2M” in which I’ll explain the ins and outs of Excel integration. I’ll explain the benefits that you can gain from Excel while avoiding the pitfalls in the process.

Oh, and would you like to learn how to create FREE interactive dashboards as well? I’ll be showing the wonders of PowerPivot.

Anyway, I fly in Saturday morning and will spend a couple days in Vegas relaxing, and most likely rehearsing my presentations. I certainly hope Consona has someone available as backup for my presentation, you only need to read about history with Vegas conferences to understand why. Let’s hope I live long enough to actually present on Friday.

If any of my readers are going, grab me and we’ll do dinner or maybe just have a drink. I’d be happy to spend time with both of you. 🙂

As for the second reason why I’ve been so occupied lately… the super secret project I’ve eluded to….

Well, I plan on announcing that in the coming days.

Stay Tuned!

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