Brent Ozar Steals My Ideas.

Stop Stealing

Alright Brent, that’s it. I’m calling you out. Your recent post on Getting Things Done was the final straw.

I’m not just talking about Brent, I’m also pointing an accusing finger at Steve Jones, Buck Woody, Tim Mitchell, and Brian Knight.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read these blogs and been shocked that they stole my ideas. Well, they didn’t steal them as much as I lost them. You see, until recently I haven’t been the best “finisher.” I have ADD, am incredibly passionate about my career, and this compells me to write a lot on many topics. However, it’s a humbling experience when you have a great idea with a half-written article and then you see that one of these guys beat you to the punch. I just can’t post “Me Too!” articles after someone covers something. Anyway, they’re finishers, they get things done.

Well, at the advice of one of my mentors to whom I’ve shown my gratitude by calling out, I started using the GettingThings Done system of management.

I’m working the program, stay at or near Inbox Zero, prioritizing my goals, and keeping track of all of my projects and tasks.

What have I learned so far?

  1. Life is so much easier when you know what you should do next and why.
  2. Even more importantly the peace of mind you get while working the program gives you perspective about what you shouldn’t be doing and the confidence to drop those things.
  3. My brain is so much more creative and productive when I am working the program.
  4. The program can be difficult to follow when you don’t have sufficient control over your own time and schedule. More on this later.

The program isn’t rigid or inflexible. In fact, the author doesn’t really suggest what tools you should use to be organized. Anyone, regardless of what kind of tools they prefer can follow the program.

I’m sorry if it sounds like I’m trying to recruit you to join a cult. I’m not trying to sell you a time share. However, its already done wonders for me so I want to share it.

Occasionally I’ll blog about methods I’m using to become more efficent. Not because I’m any more efficient than any of the guys listed above, but because every perspective is unique. We can all learn from each other.

Incidentally, this is my 200th blog post. I thought I’d celebrate it by “attacking” my mentor, the guy who encouraged me to blog in the first place.

Thanks Brent.

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