Salesperson Administration Problems

Recently we had a salesperson leave our company and they were subequently replaced. I was asked to add the new salesperson and to transfer all of the outgoing person’s accounts to the new guy.

So, I fired up the Salesperson (SLPN) screen and added the new salesperson. This was an internal promotion so I used the initials he already had for his regular M2M login when I added him to SLPN. However, when I looked at the outgoing salesperson I noticed something amiss.

The salesperson’s initials do not have to match their M2M login initials. I realized this because I was looking in the customer table (SLCDPM) for his initials in the fsalespn field and the query returned no records.

I called M2M Support and they confirmed that the initials do not have to match. I’m rather anal, so I edited the initials to match in the Salesperson screen, and M2M allowed me to do so. However, you should not do this. If you do, the link between the salesperson table (slspns) and other tables in the system is broken. This effectively orphans those records.

Afterwards, if any customer assigned to that salesperson is edited on the CUST screen, you will receive the following error which will need to be corrected before any changes can be saved.

Further, you cannot delete a salesperson who has records assigned to him. If you attempt to do so, you receive this error.

This means that your list of salespeople will continue to grow forever because there is no way to delete them. There is a change request for this problem, but it’s in the Reviewed status which suggests that it won’t be addressed in the near future.

M2M’s position on this issue is that we need to create the new salesperson, and then manually assign each customer individually to him in the M2M interface. Considering that in my case this is more than 700 accounts, this is not feasible.

In the next article, I will show you the unsupported way to fix this in minutes.

Stay tuned!

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