Purging Pointless Permission Records Provides Performance Payoff

This article is obviously a follow up to Permission Problems post I published previously. The other day I was using the User Permissions Report (RPUSER), I noticed something amiss. I had recently deleted a couple of educational and testing companies which many people used. However, like many other areas of M2M, the records are not properly deleted and cleaned up.

This becomes a problem when you run the User Permissions Report because it lists every single company, every user associated with it, and the exhaustive list of screens with their permissions. It includes every user and company even after deleting them from within M2M. This slows down the report and clutters the results.

Below is the code one could use in Visual FoxPro to clean this up. Please read my Standard Disclaimer before trying any code from this site. I’m going to stress this several times because of an issue that came up as a result of the orphaned records post. Stay tuned for details.

Set excl on – You must have exclusive access to perform this.
OPEN DATABASE X:\m2mdata\util\util.dbc – Replace X with the network drive letter assigned to M2M.
Use utacc
Copy to utaccOLD
Brow for fccompid = ‘XX’ — where XX is the number of the M2M Company for which you intend to remove users and rights. Make sure you do NOT do so on your live M2M Company. This will show the records that will be deleted.
Delete for fccompid = ‘XX’ – Remember, don’t use this on your live data.
Pack – This will make the deletion permanent.
Close all

Please remember to test this on a test server, and if you feel uncomfortable contact M2M Support or a qualified consultant such as myself for help.

Any questions?

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