Interesting VFP Date Issue

I performed a test migration to M2M Version 6.0 the other day on a test server. After your test server is set up, one of the first steps is to run DBSCAN on your Util database. My scan found a few records with data corruption. One sample record is below:

11/21/09 03:17:39 PM:dbScan: Data Corruption Detected!
11/21/09 03:17:39 PM:>>Table…..: L:\M2MDATA\\UTIL\utrpsess.dbf
11/21/09 03:17:39 PM:>>Record Number…….: 3995
11/21/09 03:17:39 PM:>>Field Name……: DATE_FROM
11/21/09 03:17:39 PM:>>Error……: Date fields must have values > 01/01/1900
11/21/09 03:17:39 PM:>>——————————————————————————–

To clean this up, I opened VFP and entered the following commands:

set exclusive on
open data M:\m2mdata\util\util.dbc
use utrpsess
goto 3995

When I hit browse, I didn’t understand the problem. Look for yourself:

Looks like a good date to me.

Looks like a good date to me.

However, a Consona Support Tech suggested I click inside that field and when I did, I saw the following:

See it?

See it?

Score one for support.

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