Amazed by the Wrong Things

Ms Pacman

I love this chart, which I borrowed (stole) from Coding Horror. A major project that I completed recently reminded me of it. I created a sales order auditing system that included scheduled SQL jobs, multiple triggers, VBA for M2M, and Crystal Reports. The project took me a long time to complete and was highly rewarding.

However, when I delivered the report to the user, he was less impressed than I expected from such a large project that was very challenging. He asked for a pie chart at the top of the report.

Five minutes later, I returned with a full color, 3-d pie chart that is very easy to create in Crystal Reports. The guy was thrilled and has since sung my praises.

This is all well and good, but it just serves to remind me that most people have very little idea of what we do or how we do it. The project was a success due to thorough planning and development, which insured data accuracy and efficient code. All the user can see is the pretty pie chart.

Do you ever feel this way?

Oh well, at least I like pie.

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